React Native JSI Challenge #2



The binding object

class JSI_EXPORT REAJsiModule : public jsi::HostObject {public:
REAJsiModule(REAModule* reaModule);
static void install(REAModule *reaModule);
jsi::Value get(jsi::Runtime &runtime, const jsi::PropNameID &name)
REAModule* reamodule_;
- (void)setBridge:(RCTBridge *)bridge
[super setBridge:bridge];

RCTCxxBridge *cxxBridge = (RCTCxxBridge *)reaModule.bridge;
if (cxxBridge.runtime == nullptr) {
jsi::Runtime &runtime = *(jsi::Runtime *)cxxBridge.runtime;
auto reaModuleName = “Reanimated”;
auto reaJsiModule = std::make_shared<REAJsiModule>(std::move(reaModule));
auto object = jsi::Object::createFromHostObject(runtime, reaJsiModule);, reaModuleName, std::move(object));
if (methodName == “dropNode”) {
REAModule* reamodule = reamodule_;
return jsi::Function::createFromHostFunction(runtime, name, 1,
[reamodule](jsi::Runtime &runtime,
const jsi::Value &thisValue,
const jsi::Value *arguments,
size_t count) -> jsi::Value {
auto arg1 = &arguments[0];
[reamodule dropNode:
[NSNumber numberWithDouble:arg1->asNumber()]];
return jsi::Value::undefined();

Threads and queues

Wrapping up

What about Android?





Cross Platform Developer — Co-founder of Fram X

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Christian Falch

Christian Falch

Cross Platform Developer — Co-founder of Fram X

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