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A conversation with Golbie Kamarei

Christian Lanng
Jul 16 · 1 min read

My guest today was Golbie Kamarei, Head of HR Strategy and Wellbeing Practices at Kamarei Advisory. Golbie’s mission is to reduce human suffering and promote human flourishing by improving the psychosocial work conditions of high performance organizations. And she has a TED talk: “Success at What Cost?” that highlights lessons learned from teaching meditation on Wall Street after the financial crisis.

Golbie and I discussed how individuals define success and what they’re willing to give up in its pursuit. We also talked about minorities in the workplace and the idea of bringing one’s whole self to work. Heady stuff, but I’m sure you’ll find it as engaging as I did. Enjoy.

And join me again next week for a conversation with Josuel Plasencia, co-founder and COO of Forefront (RSVP here).

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