The story of humanity is an ever ebbing flow of ideas, contradictions, and unexplainable mystery. The beauty is found in the simple truth that we are all connected — everything is dependent upon everything and 
everything matters.

To often we start from this viewpoint of, I’m right and you’re wrong, they are in and they are out. The flaw in this rational is apparent when we slow down long enough to look another human in the eye and see them for who they are…they are you. Built with beautiful complexities, humor, character quarks, and oceans of depth below the surface of the seen.

On the other side of party lines, soundbites and popular opinion is this fabulous reality, we are all in this together. The same sun rises and sets on all of us no matter our walk of life, ethnicity, religious preference, or political leanings. In the end we all consist of dust and stars, soul and spirit, bodies sharing moments of joy and pain, love and loss.

The petty arguments of today are the footnotes in history’s pages. When we begin to see the world with eyes of wonder rather cynicism everything becomes possible, everything becomes beautiful. We see that we have much more in common than anything that divides us.

The first step on the road of evolution is the recognition that something in the world isn’t working. Our antiquated tribal views must find their burial and a new unified consciousness must resurrect. Stewardship of the earth, dignity of human life, the widening gap between rich and poor, are all things within our power to influence.

The good news, woven throughout the fabric of the universe, points us to an ever growing unity, complexity, and depth. This good news says we are not alone without power to change, in fact the opposite is true, the power to make change is within us. One voice, one smile, one act of kindness has the power to turn back the tides of violence and end the cycle of apathy.

This really is good news, profound and powerful, the good news that we are not alone in the world, but are in fact more connected then we thought possible, to each other and to the divine. There is hope all around and within us to be had, hope that doesn’t disappoint. Rely on hope today my brothers and sisters and don’t fear to evolve.