“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” —Brandon Sanderson

I consider myself a visual storyteller. I believe from the earliest days of human connection, stories are how people have related to each other, experienced life and passed on memories to future generations.

Stories have the power to unite or divide. Everything comes down to the narrative being shared. There is power, beauty, and the divine in the stories we tell. I believe sharing your story is the most innately human thing about us.

As a storyteller, I see my responsibility as helping bring the past into the present and leading my fellow pilgrims onward into a vision of the future that is full of hope.

Hope is the fabric that ties the universe together and is the driving force pulling us forward.

I approach each project I undertake, every piece I design, every story I tell looking for the hope. I think when you set out looking for hope, it has a way of looking back at you, a way of finding you.

There is something truly profound about narrative, the idea that we are apart of an ongoing saga written in the stars, spanning galaxies, transcending time.

As an artist, as a storyteller, as a human, I want to get caught up in this beautiful drama that grows in depth, complexity, and unity. I want to grow in my wonder of the divine and create from a place of fascination.

The fascinated heart knows no ceiling. There is limitless possibilities and hope is alive and abundant.