I walked into the wood

A poem by Christian Madonna

I walked into the wood
I stepped over branches and loud crunching leaves
I stood beside and under those skyreaching trees
I found one of the fallen, still reaching ‘cross the land
Its trunk was borne smooth as I ran across my hand
I brushed off some leaves and sat down for a moment
Then I brushed off some more and laid down many moments more
As I lay there, still in body, my mind slowly wandered
I closed my eyes and opened them back again and pondered
I looked up at the leaves and up to the leaves that looked down on them
I gazed at the sky even further up above
I felt the sun’s energy, its beauty, its love
As I felt its contentment, I fell upon its gaze
It woke me, it shook me, and cast me out from my daze
I opened my eyes, my mind flooded with thought
I thought of what I had, had never, would ever have got
And in the beginning and at the end, what I had, what we had and will have, will be all the more good