How I Use React Components
Eric Elliott

Hi again and thanks for the response! Here is a codepen:

Maybe this will be fixed when official release of context arrives, which I suppose will be 0.14 as that is when they change to the “parent child” relationship instead of “owner child”.

I like the concept of “container components”, though I do think context will be more widely used when it officially arrives. Its just a matter of complexity. If you have deeply nested components and a long trail of “prop passing” it just makes more sense to “hook onto the context prop” you need instead, its just less fragile. Where UI components are rendered in the tree should not affect how data reaches your components I think. But yes, I do not have experience with your approach, so I might be making this a bigger problem than it really is :-)

It would be great to see an article on it! Thanks again for a great summary!