Kyto Hand Grip Product Review

By Christian Amyx

Kyto Hand Grip is a technology face-lift on an old favorite exercise tool that burns calories and strengthens your forearm muscles. Kyto Hand Grip’s motto should be “guaranteed to give you a hecka of a handshake.” The manufacturer also makes a host of other modernized gadgets.

The core benefits of Kyto Hand Grip are its 1) ability to automatically count the number of squeezes in current session, 2) display cumulative total count, 3) track calories burned, and 4) report cumulative duration of exercise.

Detailed features include:

  • Clear dual level LCD
  • Comfortable and anti-slip handle design
  • Display gripping counts, calorie and timer
  • Memory of cumulative total count
  • Exercise and stop sign
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Accurate count
  • Reset count to zero
  • Auto power off function

The model tested (HG-2323B) is 140 x 108 x 36 mm device that weighs 129.5g. It uses a button cell LR44 battery with a battery life of over 12 months, according to the manufacturer.

The best part of the hand grip is its simplicity. It reliably performs what it was built for — hand grip exercise. With the counter, I never have to second guess the number of squeezes on each hand. It helps ensure equal count to avoid your dominant arm performing more hand squeezes than your weaker arm.

What’s surprising is how quickly Kyto Hand Grip gets your forearm muscles burning and your heart rate pumping. After a few minutes on each hand, you can feel your temperature rise and breath heavier. Give me a few more weeks, I hope to have Popeye’s forearms. Kyto — the firm handshake maker.

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