On the Death of James Rhodes — War Machine
Thaddeus Howze

So….black characters should be held separate from life-and-death situations? You realize to do so means they’re “equal but special” in that they’re not eligible to die…because that might upset the racial balance of superhero-dom.

This means Photon, Living Lighting, Misty Knight, Rage, Roberto DaCosta, Danielle Moonstar, Stevie Hunter, Abraham Brown, Bedlam, Night Thrasher, Bishop, Thunderbird (Neal Shaara), Dust, Blade, Gateway, Cloak, Frenzy, Maggot, Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Miles Morales, Triathlon, Storm, Cecelia Reyes, Silhouette, Shard, Spike, Hybrid, Goliath, Deathlok, Darwin, Falcon and Dr. Voodoo are all safe at Marvel.

It also means Invisible Kid, Batwing, Amanda Waller, Beatriz DaCosta, Amazing Man, Mr. Terrific, John Henry Irons, Bronze Tiger, Black Lightning, Dr. Light, Bloodwynd, Danielle Foccart, Bumblebee, Firestorm (Jason), Empress, Doctor Mid-Nite, Dr. Mist, Gravedigger, John Stewart, Impala, Jakeem Thunder, Joto, Houngan, Pantha, Onxy, Northwind, Tyroc, Nubia, XS, Seraph, Dawn and Cyborg are all safe over at DC!

I’m not saying don’t continue to create diverse characters — I AM saying, not everything is racially motivated.

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