For today’s What I have Learned Today. It’ll be about human behavior.

I’m currently staying near my workplace here at Makati City since our house is pretty far here, I remember when I was still an Intern last year, I commute from Bulacan to Makati everyday, and travel time is about 3–4 hours regardless if there’s traffic, i’ll be lucky if I can reduce travel time by 1 and half to 2 hours *that’s barely the minimum travel time*.

I’m on the last ride, in the van on the way directly to home. The van is actually an alternate ride compared to the bus that is actually an official/original ride to our place, the bus it cost 38 pesos while the van cost 50 pesos/head. The difference is that the van is only seated by 12 people and its air-conditioned. The bus, you’ll be lucky if you can sit because tons of people are there before it even stop there because the place it actually is at Sta.Cruz, Manila and the bus stop would be in Balintawak.

What I’ve really liked about riding the van even it was illegal is that, its air-conditioned, travel time is reduced and the fastest travel time I had is like 30 min compared to the bus that takes an hour, the van do go to some shortcuts sometimes when the drivers knows that there’ll be traffic because our area there is prone to traffics due to small road.

Now the van is full, it goes. While on the express way, I was sitting in the middle where the fan of the cold air is going out. She was saying

ang init naman, parang walang aircon.”
“may aircon ba to?”

to others who didn’t understand she was complaining that she didn’t feel the air-conditioning in the van and complaining about it. I know what she’s actually feeling, I’ve experience limited air-conditioning with some vans but I didn’t complain, I’ve experience how it was to be sitted in the end of the van. Sometimes I get lucky when the van I am into is air-conditioned well, often I feel cold enough that it makes me freeze, but there are times that I am not lucky, I get to a van that is not well ventilated, no air-conditioning just pure air, still 50 pesos.

Most of us just know how to complain but we didn’t know that we are very lucky in some circumstances.

The lady was complaining because she didn’t feel the air-conditioning, but she’s not aware that she’s lucky because she’s in the van sitting pretty while others in the bus are standing and most of them are more tired than her. The others who took the bus ride, maybe some of them are wishing that if they can just took the van ride instead, since it cuts the time travel by 30 minutes ~ or so. She was just complaining without knowing how lucky she was in that situation.

I’ve been into many low air-conditioning vans. I’ve been there many times. It was hot. But I didn’t complain. Because I know how lucky I am to be in that van, compared to the other people that are standing in the bus while they are tired. I appreciate every moment in my life and thankful enough every single time.

We must appreciate not just all the things we have now currently in our life, but also in the situations where we are in. If you’re not full today because your meal is just bread, still be thankful because there are others who didn’t have any bread and they sleep with an empty stomach.

For me, it doesn’t matter if my stomach is half empty, or if it is half full. What matters to me is there’s something there compared to others who have nothing.

Just appreciate everything, every moment and all the things you have now in your life.

PS: When vans still doesn’t exist in the Balintawak before. I was riding the bus all the time, everyday, and I know what it is like and how it feels to stand from start of the travel until I’ve been dropped off in our place.
Reference to the photo: http://learningmindsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/appreciate.png