For today’s What I have Learned Today. It’ll be about human thinking.

It was an ordinary day when I got the office. The first thing I would do when I sit in front of the computer is to check emails. If there’s something new assigned to do on trello or there are some comments in the commit on gitlab, if they accepted the merge request. While I am checking emails, there’s already a terminal popped up in the other screen and I fire up already the programs that I need to use such as mongodb, terminator, going to the directory of the project I will work on, do git pulls, check git logs for the latest commits for branches to be aware what in the world is happening etc.

I was assigned to do that I think that I can finish in an hour, yeah you’ve read it in an hour. The task mainly is to display all the listings of the claims with respect to all the claim life cycle that’s what we call that thing, I though it was just a pretty easy task because normally you would just do query, and fetch stuffs, assign data to the tables and that’s it!

However, the developer that was working with that project and been assigned to that task already had a code on how that works, however the Senior Mobile-App Developer that is handling the project because he knows what to do reverts all the work from that developer and refactor internal stuffs for the reason that he was making the stuff angularish style by creating some services whereas the project is actually built on React, which he totally disagreed on how the project was coded.

Now, upon seeing the code, it was totally broken. Things are not working even the page is not loading and as I press F12 I am already expecting bunch of errors and yes there it goes. So before even actually developing and doing the task I’ve been assigned to. I first need to fix the broken page and make it work before coding, I did refactor it all of it, I did try to understand the logic behind the code that I saw first, but it was pretty complex and I already have an approach on how to simplify it. After 45 minutes or so, the page is now working and displaying some stuffs, thank god. Now what I need to do is query stuffs and list them all out that’s it! A lot of things was needed to do before doing the query stuffs, by all it took me nearly 6 hours to finish displaying the different data upon click in different tabs of the table, added real time queries known as observers so that table will listen to the update and automatically add the data being inserted.

The moral lesson for me is that, never underestimate the task given to you. Even if you think it is relatively is, as for me but I didn’t expect that problems will come along the way such as fixing stuffs before doing the real thing.

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