Today let me share you a habit I’ve been doing for more than 6 months or so already.

I am spending 15 minutes everyday using Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And I’ve started it 6 to 9 months or so ago. Don’t misunderstand me, social media helps me incredibly as it helps other people as well, the thing that worries me is seeing cancer post that doesn’t sound interesting and stupid people lying around my news feeds which most of the time I unfriend them. Less People. Less Bulls**t indeed. I’m very thankful for the rise of popularity of social media. In fact, the way I met my girlfriend Rachelle the love of my life by the help of Facebook in some ways, when we chatted everyday, and get close to each other until we finally meet personally.

I am just now using Messenger, because I didn’t have any smartphones. I don’t like using phones really. I use Messenger for communication with family and friends especially to my girlfriend because we’re far away from each other. But I don’t scroll to Facebook Feeds anymore, watch videos, look photos. I find it very unproductive. As for me though.

I’m not saying Facebook or Twitter is bad. What I’m saying is that never let your precious time be waste just because of hours and hours of scrolling to the feeds, reading new tweets. Make social media the most out of it in a good way! Learn many things, appreciate other peoples success.

Yes, social media helps us to connect with our friends and loved ones, share the world information. I agree with that perspective because I see social media that way, by connecting to other people, sharing stuffs that other people wanted to see, to learn from them by sharing your knowledge.

However, there are negatives aspect that people are taking advantage with the use of social media such as cyber bullying, spreading fake news, keyboard warriors, unethical behavior and many more.

By doing this, I feel like I have been more productive and focus to the things that matters the most. Instead of scrolling through the news feeds why not take your dog a walk? Talk to your parents, play with your little brother. Because in the end, that’s all that matters.

Many people may know you on Facebook, you may be famous, you’ve had hundred thousands of like. But in reality if you don’t have friends or family besides you. That wouldn’t matter at all.

I’m not an anti-facebook/twitter or so. What I just want to say is use Facebook and other social media for the reason of its existence/creation.

Connect to your loved ones and share information. Appreciate others success. Motivate other people.