Glu Glu Wine: the best wine app for wine lovers!

Christian Battistoni
Jan 16 · 3 min read

Technology is becaming essential in the world of wine. Moreover, the strong entry of technology encouraged the sector growth.

In the last decade, the wine consumption has spread worldwide by becoming trending and profitable. Prosecco, champagne, Barolo, Bordeaux, Montalicino etc.. are not just type of wine but much used instagram hashtag.

Indeed, technology permit everyone to know and undestand this fascinating world. Now, your favorite wine is not just a good beverage for your best moment, but a status simbol which symbolize your lifestyle.

It doesn’t seem so strange that Prosecco is the favorite wine for millennials. Prosecco is an enjoyable and low-gradation sparkling wine, much used to celebrate moment, as well as one of the most popular aperitif drinks, and overall this is not so expensive.

This strong growth together a new and “younger” approach mindset has convinced many digital entreprenaurs to invest in the sector by creating new useful tools, new jobs and by inaugurating a profitble and strong relationship.

Glu Glu Wine is perfectly inserted in this lovely union. Indeed, Glu Glu Wine srl is a company born with the goal to involve many wine lovers worldwine together in a completed and enjoyable social network.

Maurizio Longo, the company’s CEO, sommelier and passionate wine lovers, almost two years ago had this idea to create a mobile application which could help many wine’s professionals to grow and organize their business and other wine lovers to find all what they need to enjoy their passion.

Wine lovers and wine’s professionals in a unique free digital tool to get an easier and enjoyable life.

Glu Glu Wine is free mobile app for Android and Apple. Thanks Glu Glu Wine you could:

  • interact with other wine lovers
  • public your best wine tasting moment
  • review your wine
  • public and promote your wine tasting event
  • find your favorite wine tasting event in your city
  • thanks the use of our floome alcol test know which is you alcoholic degree
  • play with our wine quizzes (diveded for country, region, zone or wine type)
  • find online wine course
  • find or promote wine tour

Coming soon other two features as:

  • First one, a new wine shop where wine sellers, wine productors and cellars will have much freedom and the possibilities to promote both theirself and the products, with new promotion and interective tools. The seller could decide the price of each his own product with many benefits for the consumers who could buy qualitative wine at the lowest price.
  • Second wine, a sophisticated anti-counterfeiting system which due to our app and your smartphone camera will permit you to know many details about the wine bottle you are buying or drinking and it will certify the 100% wine originality as well.

We don’t exlude new surprises could arrive in the next future.

Finally, we absolutely invite you to download our free mobile app and start to enjoy it by interacting with other wine lovers, promote and/or find your favorite wine tasting event, play with our wine quizzes etc. etc. many many possibilities to let you fully enjoy your wine passion!!

Free download in your mobile store (by typing in Glu Glu Wine) or by the website:

by Christian Battistoni (Marketing Communication Manager Glu Glu Wine)

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