After officially reading 100 white papers (took about a year), I have concluded that there is a way to differentiate good tokens from bad ones. There are generally two kinds of white papers in the market, ones that are blockchain projects or forks of the former like decentralized storage or decentralized internet, and ones that are customer and consumer interface focused using existing blockchain solutions like mobile wallets and the Uber for [insert the industry]. I call the latter “Consumer ICOs”.

Without taking any thunder from blockchain projects, I want to specifically focus on Consumer ICOs, which still can be…

As a humble startup advisor here in the Philippines, I actively communicate with over 30 companies from starting out, all the way to 3 years into their respective ventures. Traditional seed investments have become bear lately, forcing more entrepreneurs to bootstrap and earn capital through raw revenues. While most entrepreneurs fail at this, there are still a select few that make the grade. …

Christian Blanquera

Serial Technologist, Acquired x2 , Startup Advisor. — Regulating Blockchain in Philippines | — Kickstarting Token Economies

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