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It has been about 2 weeks and I simply cannot write a complete sentence, or put my thoughts together. I am not sure if I am lacking creativity, will to write a full article, or just laziness. The truth is I am stuck in this Writer’s Block labyrinth!

Of course, you must be asking me: if I am struggling so hard against a Writers Block right now, how come I am writing this article for Medium? The answer is that I think I may have found a way to beat this impossibility of writing that has been chasing me for…

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More often borders are becoming permeable and fluid, and the demarcation of limits and divides are becoming more complex to establish (despite Trump`s attempt to return to a border politics). Globalization, technology, a hyper connected world are just some of the reasons for that. When I speak of borders I do not only mean territorial ones. I am also referring to social, technological, gender, political, epistemological borders. Here, I want to pay close attention to the online-offline border in the realm of technology and virtual reality.

During this New Coronavirus pandemic, I have been having plenty of quality time with…

How Medium risks to drift away from excellency to a simplistic and harmful mess

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It has been around almost three months since I started on Medium, reading, writing and daily exploring tons of different perspectives going from tech, politics, arts, philosophy, cinema, climate change to food and family. I first joined Medium because I heard it was a community of readers and writers really engaged on excellent level of content and with deep thoughts regarding any type of event or subject. Furthermore, what called my attention is the fact that content is never dependent on ads or financial interest from a third party, which surely is a push towards authenticity and transparency.

Of these…

How is Brazil replacing its health and epidemiologists for military personnel in the Ministry of Health while deaths skyrocket

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When the Brazilian society first received the news about the victory of the ex-captain Jair Messias Bolsonaro as President of the country and his vice-president General Mourao, we all knew this would be a government with a line of action sympathizing with the Army. When Mr. Bolsonaro was a Federal Deputy, he always stood up and spoke up for Brazilian former dictatorship, used to constantly honor publicly different well-known torturers from the dictatorship and he actively advocated for an agenda in…

Chaotic management of the pandemic explained through the most shocking phrases proffered by the Brazilian President Bolsonaro while deaths skyrocket

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Many world leaders have downplayed the new Coronavirus in the beginning of this unprecedent pandemic crisis. Although this was disastrous and destructive as it costed lives of many citizens, we can still give those leader the benefit of the doubt and recognize that they changed their minds and are putting an effort to readjust their discourses and political endeavors in favor of combating the COVID-19 (for instance, Mexican President Andres Manuel Obrador and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson).

For Brazil…

A guide to manage ethical decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic

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The ultimate necessity of social distancing and worldwide quarantine measures during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis is no news to anyone (perhaps only to the Brazilian President Bolsonaro, who still thinks it is all a plot to oust him from power). But far from making it an obligation, I want to propose here six ways (or tips) on how to cope with quarantine ethically.

1. Considerations of violence

Every single action you actively choose to take has direct and indirect effects, and most of the time they can be predictable. This effects and consequences can be violent ones. Worse, you can…

And how the Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek declared its death

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The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, as intellectually undaunted as always, has just published a booklet on the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its possible profound unfolding future. As Adam Kirsch puts it, the “most dangerous philosopher in the west” could not have written a text on this global pandemic without references to communism and alternatives to global neoliberal norms. Important to mention, Žižek is one of the most renowned Marxist theorist of the 21st Century — or at least was.

During his book “Pandemic!”, Žižek perceives the developments of COVID-19 as…

And Why Morality, Economy and Geopolitics will remain the same

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There is a general feeling convinced that we are living a historical and revolutionary moment where the post-coronavirus pandemic world will be one of radical change and new horizons. Many say solidarity, compassion, altruism and kindness will become fundamental moral principles as we overcome the new Coronavirus. Optimists say we will become more resilient, rescue the value in science and specialists, believe in the power of technology for change, reestablish our relationship with nature and the environment we live in, recognize once again workers and solid labor laws as the…

Mrs. Future

A poem to when smothered expectations knock your door

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For you

Mrs. Future

A child’s smile, happiness, fame, sadness

Or madness?

Whatever ontology you choose to be

(To lose my mind or not to lose?

Is that really the question?

Haven’t I drown too much of my neurons already?

Haven’t I read too much Nietzsche and Bukowski already?

Havent I?)

Mrs. Future, I ask benevolently

Pick wisely the weapons you are to use againt me

Try to soften the violences you choose to drag upon me

I know you will not have direct intention on hurting me


And why destroying 5G communication towers and eating bananas won’t save us

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Why do we believe in fake news coming out of the blue such as “5G causes Coronavirus”, “COVID-19 is a Chinese biological weapon”, “it turns you into a zombie”, “drinking bleach will cure you from COVID-19”, “eating bananas can cure you from Coronavirus”, “ COVID-19 was created in order for countries to gain economic comparative advantages”, “the new Coronavirus is just a very small flu”, “high number of deaths by Coronavirus in Italy are figures created by the Media in order to cause panic”, “Whisky can halt the…

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