The Morning after the morning

After a slightly uncharacteristic social knee-jerk yesterday, and a few deep breaths, today’s perspective on the future of this incredible country of ours feels calmer and – most importantly – considerably more balanced.

We can’t expect democracy as our rite, and then howl at its injustice when it doesn’t swing our way. Despite surging from the sudden vulnerability most of us felt in response to the news yesterday, the social hooliganism (me included) that ensued was perhaps a little unfortunate. It will continue, of course, as people search for meaning, and seek to comfort their own fears and insecurities under the bandages of their opinions, and rebarbative rhetoric over the so called ‘apocalyptic future’ we’ve all been saddled with.

We’re all doing the best we can within the context of our own story.

The simple truth is that no-one knows what our immediate future looks like. No-one can tell us with any certainty how it’s going to play out. There are no experts on a post-EU-GB. What is certain however, is that we are all in it Together. So we all need to be keenly aware that what we conceive of this pivot; what we project onto the next few years, will have a direct affect on how it manifests, and how it all unfolds.

Democracy harnessed and pressed into action the will of a 17 + million majority. But it will be the choices we make and the attitude we bring as individuals, that will serve as the real instruments of change.

The only specific in all this that I feel very strongly about, is that of Farrage. And the potential that a man of such deplorable moral character might be allowed to exploit our current state of turbulence to impress his agenda, and carve out influence. The fact that his, became the face of the Moment will hopefully be something that the British media will be forever sorry for. Ye Gods, I hope and prey that that was the apotheosis of his involvement in the history of this country.

What’s done is done. Yes, it’s strange and unfamiliar for us to be so suddenly and acutely divided as a nation, but it will pass. Like all things do. And whilst we can only postulate now as to whether or not our membership to the EU was to our advantage, we do have the deeply moving opportunity to demonstrate how well we can thrive without it.

Sovereignty is as individual as it is National. Choose well, and let’s ride this wave with style.

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