I Quit My Career as a Doctor and Join a Tech Startup

Nobody knows what life may bring you. Not even a person in this world knows what’s going to happen in the future. I, too, feel the same way. I don’t even know what’s going to be for myself tomorrow.

Since i was a little kid, i always wanted to become a physician. Treating people, make sick people feel healthy again was my dream. I thought it’s because i had a great pediatrician back then. I really enjoyed come to doctor’s office and got my body checked up. So after I graduated high school, I decided to enroll my self to a medical school. I got in and had an amazing 6 year of med school full of tears and laughter. I graduated in 2013 and did my internship at some remote area.

I was a good doctor. A doctor that patients love. I kind of enjoyed my self become a doctor back then. Until i finished my internship and went back to the capital. I got diagnosed with a chronic disease that made me unable to work in a big hospital. I got rejected by 3 big hospitals in my hometown. I felt devastated. I didn’t know what am i going to do. My future is finished, i told my self.

But God is good. I got a phone call from my dearest friend and he asked me to join him to make a tech startup. I asked him, whether he’s sure he wants me to join him. He said to me that he was sure. And i asked him again, “what am i going to do in this startup?”. He said he wanted to make me his Head of Business Development. I said “Okay, I’ll join you”.

Since then, i study hard to know what a business development do in his line of duty. I study and study and study. Until we finally got established. And we launch our first product. We did a great job, we created something from nothing. We grew our company, until now we are a 9 men team and serving a vast area with a small number of team.

I never regret my decision. Now, i have completely let go my old dream and pursue the new one.

My point is, to those who had a dream and life doesn’t allow you to fulfill those dreams, don’t be afraid. Don’t lose faith in life. The end of a dream or a goal unfulfilled doesn’t really mean that you are a failure. A door closed, another door will open up for you. What matters is you have the willingness to let go and move on to the next goal.

Live your life with no regret. I have a medical degree and guess what. In my line of work, those degree doesn’t mean anything at all. Investors would ask me what can i bring to the table. It makes me scared sometimes, but does it stop me? NO! I won’t let it!

Cheer up, get up, and do great things you were made to do


Sorry if there’s a lot of misspelling and grammar errors. 😊

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