Document Vs. Create

The term ‘Document vs. Create’ has been floating around my head for the better part of a year. If you follow YouTube as closely as I do, chances are you’ve heard the name GaryVee. For those who haven’t, let me tell you. Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, who, in addition to running Vaynermedia, an 800 person social media/digital agency, produces daily content for aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in business. I’m a big fan of GaryVee, so it’s no surprise that I’ve seen almost every video that he puts out. One of his more successful videos has to do with the premise of documenting your journey vs. creating something meaningful.

This is a phrase that he heavily throws around. With the idea behind it being that if people were to document their journey by pumping out content on a consistent basis, rather than trying to create something that is going to take away time and energy from the larger picture, they will not only be more successful, they will have an enormous amount of content to look back upon when they inevitably reach their goal.

In theory, this idea is genius. It puts into the mindset that content doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, just consistent. Of course you need to put thought into the content you produce. It doesn’t need to be a grand idea — it just needs to be an idea. You no longer need to obsess over what you’re trying to put out. Simply put it out there and move on to the next one. Over time, the quality of your content will improve and it will become second nature. Practice makes perfect.

A couple of months ago I was working at a book retreat in Orlando, FL. I met a woman attending the event who worked in real estate, she too happened to follow GaryVee. We got to talking and one of the first points we both brought up was the topic at hand. Since I was capturing video of the event, the first thing we spoke about was DRock, Gary’s personal videographer. But after a while we started to discuss Gary’s tactics. Admittedly, we both agreed that he puts an enormous amount of content on a daily basis, almost too much.

And then it hit me. That was Gary’s whole point.

Gary puts out content after content, day after day, at all times of the day. It doesn’t matter where he is, what time of day it is, how many tweets he’s sent out that day. He is always pushing content. Pump out content until you get complaints about how much you are putting out.

Although I follow Gary closely, I don’t necessarily agree with this statement — here’s why.

Document vs. Create isn’t made for those who chose to pursue a creative field. It’s meant for everyday individuals trying to market their product or brand and it’s meant to make them push out content rather than trying to perfect it. For someone who’s looking to get their name out there, the theory is genius.

I chose to work in the creative field of filmmaking, so you can imagine my indifference to the statement since most of what I do is creating vs. documenting. To do what I do, and to do what I want to do, I have to create. If I work with a client who is looking for a commercial, 9 times out of 10 they are going to want something created. Why else would they hire an outsider to simply document something for them unless that was a specific tactic? And even if it was a tactical decision, they would still expect something to be created with the intention of having a documented look.

The time that I found Gary was a crucial one in my life. I had just graduated college, and although I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I was extremely lost. Gary seemed to be the voice of reason when all else was uncertain, so it makes sense as why I would cling to what he said. For some reason, I did not fully agree with this, and although I did not fully agree with this, I still tried to implement this into my everyday life.

This article is a perfect example of document vs. create. I started writing this in March, put in on the back burner for months. I can’t even tell you why I began writing this, but for some reason I needed to get these thoughts out. This is me documenting these thoughts, no matter how rough they may be.