Detach From the Ideology of Ownership

what can be learned from online subscription services

How do we get to a world where access is valued over ownership? Internet based business’s are figuring it out. For example, Netflix has successfully convinced people that access to movies and tv shows is more desirable than owning them. How do they do this?

They give people unlimited access to provided content, for a fixed amount of money from month to month. This encourages users to come back and use their service often, without any second thoughts.

You see, when a business operates from sale to sale, the consumer is confronted with a financial decision each time they use the service. We should start aiming to limit these moments. Imagine if Netflix charged money every time you watched a movie or show. iTunes currently runs off this model, and I rarely use their service.

We must remember — The internet has been a subscription service all along!

People pay a fixed amount each month, and they want everything they access to be free. They don’t want to pay their way through each and every step. This core value led to the whole creation of the online piracy industry in the first place. Today though, these subscription models have really changed the way people feel about content. The content providers are still being paid, and the users feel like they are getting everything for free. People simply love it.

People have become very comfortable with the way internet businesses operate, and have come to expect physical businesses around them to operate in a reflective manner.

Knowing this, how can we transform every business into this kind of service? What if coffee shops ran by subscriptions? What if Uber ran by subscriptions? Could this detach us from the ideology of ownership?