Hello, World!

When my interest in web development first sparked, the online world looked much different. jQuery had not yet come into existence. CSS was an enigma. Garish GeoCities sites littered the internet of the early 2000s. I can still remember the elation that came from uploading my first flash menu (back then owned by Macromedia!) to my little pocket of the web and having it work properly.

Not exactly flat design… (Photo: Geo for Bootstrap Theme)

I was attempting to build a website for my short-lived Age of Empires 2 clan, and had inadvertently found myself learning the basics of HTML. It was in these early years that I had discovered my passion for technology alongside my passion for music. This lead me towards foregoing attending the local high school in favor of going to the regional magnet school, the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering.

At AITE, I took classes on HTML, CSS and basic web design. I took classes on Cisco networking. I also discovered music production tools like FL Studio and Ableton Live. My love for technology and music guided me towards Berklee College of Music, where I enrolled in their competitive Electronic Production & Design major.

College helped break me out of my shell and discover my innate love for people. I paired this new-found social confidence with a second major in Music Business. Eventually I would find myself living in New York City after graduation, working in one of the most prestigious classical music management agencies around the globe.

Lincoln Center became like a second home for me. (Photo: NBC)

Despite the thrills of working for some of the world’s greatest pianists, conductors, and opera singers, I found myself missing the connection to technology that had colored so much of my previous years.

I moved back home to do some deep inventory of my life. As I was moving my furniture back into my childhood bedroom, I found an old copy of “PHP 5 for Dummies” sitting in the corner of a bookshelf. For over a decade, I had found myself trying to push past the basics of HTML and CSS, but I would inevitably find my attention stolen by other interests. Here in quiet Norwalk, CT, I found the time to finally begin to nurture this fledgling passion.

I stumbled across Harvard University’s CS50, and quickly fell in love. Within a matter of weeks I had gone from learning how to declare a variable to implementing my own tries and binary search algorithms in C. I found the language intuitive and strangely familiar. Every time I opened up my editor, my mind found new metaphors between the worlds of programming and music. To me, they are like sister disciplines. They are both crafts, ways of creating. I had fallen in love with programming, and it soon became clear enough that this was where my future lay.

After completing CS50, I came across the Viking Code School’s prep work. It was the perfect segue into the world of web development. I made the decision to enroll in early March, and my start date is May 15. As I’m writing this, I’m finishing the very last sections of the prep work, and feeling both excited and nervous about my future journey.

My current goal is to land a job in software development before the end of the year. I would eventually like to also go back to school part-time to get a Master’s in Computer Science. I know that the path will be full of endless learning and opportunities for education, and I’m excited to have an opportunity to make a living by creating!