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The Room is overrated. Yeah, it has a few absurdly funny moments and quotable lines, but it’s incredibly boring for most of its run time. You haven’t truly experienced the height of good-bad movies until you’ve seen Fateful Findings or Riki-Oh. At least mention A Talking Cat?!?!, a kids movie from a director mostly known for softcore porn and mockbusters, Birdemic, a brutally terrible attempt to pay homage to Hitchcock’s The Birds, or Star Games, a straight-to-video movie featuring one of the last roles of Tony Curtis, who plays a bit part in a movie that stars the director’s two teen sons in the lead roles.

I thought your good-bad movie lists were excluding small-time releases in favor of big budget flops, but The Room invites a whole new dimension to the party, and there are sooo many places your writers have yet to explore. Of course, if you’re going just for big studio releases, you have GOT to see Bratz: The Movie. It’s incredibly stupid from beginning to end, and, because it’s a movie for tweens, it never lulls into boredom like a lot of other bad movies. It’s among the most fun bad movies I’ve ever seen.