Technology entrepreneurship and the disruption of ambition
Matt Clifford

The “technology” phases you mention were effectively the tools of social mobility. Even through mid 1900s (and some would say today in developing markets) the church and the military transferred power and status. In the US the GI Bill after WW II massively accelerated the number of college graduates (and therefore a path towards white collar jobs) for many returning soldiers. These were all tools of social democratisation.

The main point of your post is that technology (and the skills to create that technology) is the modern equivalent. It allowed the son of a dentist (Zuck) to become one of the world’s richest men in slightly over a decade, a Ukrainian immigrant (Koum) to sell his company for $19B, a solo coder in Vietnam to launch a global hit game (Flappy Bird), an English teacher in China (Jack Ma) to transform commerce, etc, etc, etc

Ambition however, has to be driven by role models. Instead of scaring them away, Gordon Gecko attracted a generation to finance. We now have enough global role models alongside the tools and democratisation of access to them to truly take advantage of your new Technology platform.

It already has transformed the world and will only continue to accelerate! Exciting times…

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