A Closer Look at Dove #MyBeautyMySay Campaign

Opentopic with Watson is proud to have built the Dove Real Story campaign around the Olympic games together with Publicis and Edelman. Unilever has had a long commitment to calling attention as to how unfairly the media treats women, especially with respect to their bodies.

Under the #MyBeautyMySay we tracked all TV, Radio and online mentions about female athletes during these Olympic games, and whenever a negative appearance related mention was identified we were able to use that data to allow users to engage with the respective publisher directly — the shocking impact of this can be seen at www.dovehaveyoursay.com where, thanks to Opentopic with Watson next generation cognitive technology, all of this data came together in a visual display of media failure.

On Twitter Dove is sharing graphics, facts and quotes from media sources that are judgmental of female athletes. Dove is also inviting women to share their own motivational stories via the hashtag #mybeautymysay

This social media campaign comes full circle at the “Have Your Say” website, which offers interactive content, statistics, and a list of negative tweets that visitors can click on and reply to.

Purposeful messaging. Successful social media campaigns. Audience empowerment.

Read the full Case study : http://opentopic.com/case-studies/case-study-unilever/

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