Metro Manila (International) Christian Church, apologetics and cults
Arnold Gamboa

Hi Arnold! I’m also currently under their bible study and are experiencing what you’re friend experienced. They package themselves as “cool guys who love Jesus and would like to learn more about the bible with me.” Then after around 2 weeks of bible study, it gets into a module called “light and dark” wherein they start probing you about whether or not you think you’re saved, and when you mention your infant baptism, they immediately show you verses as to why it isn’t valid and why you aren’t really saved. Then they ask leading questions like “So now that you know you’re not saved, what do you think you should do?” then they won’t stop bugging you for the “right” answer so they’ll keep throwing you passages about your church’s false teachings and how everyone else apart from the people in their church will go to hell. Perhaps the strangest part of this is them telling me that they don’t believe that Mary is in heaven because the bible didn’t explicitly say so.. Since they don’t believe in a purgatory, that means that they believe that Mary is actually in hell. Anyway, hope that more people learn the several layers of meaning one could find in the bible; there’s never just a single meaning.

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