How to setup Tailwindcss 2.0 in an Angular 11 project

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With the recent major release of Tailwindcss v2.0 and Angular v11 back in November 2020, it is really tempting to try it out in a project. However, setting up Tailwindcss to an Angular 11 project may be a bit tricky as it requires some additional webpack configs along with PostCSS plugins. On top of that, the official documentation (as of the time of this article’s writing) does not yet have the installation guide for Angular 11 framework. This article aims to provide a smooth integration of Tailwindcss 2.0 …

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Developing an Angular Library is easier than ever nowadays since the release of Angular Library feature (from Angular 7). The Angular Library itself is equipped with a community-driven package named ng-packagr, which is pretty much the core. In this article, we will take a look at how we can utilise ng-packagr secondary entry points to split our Angular Library even further!

Why do we need secondary entry points?

One of the reasons we want to have secondary entry points is to enable us split our dependencies. Let’s look at an example where one module has peerDependencies, while another does not have any.

Suppose we have the following…

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It is such a hassle to manually update versions, changelogs, and create git tags. Ever wonder if there is a better way of doing this? Fear not, standard-version will do everything that is said in a single command line!! To implement the auto versioning, there are several configurations that need to be done though.

Install commitizen

Before we use standard-version, it is required to standardise the commit messages using the Conventional Commit Specifications. This is because standard-version will bump version (major, minor, or patch) based on the commit types (feature bumps minor, bug fix bumps patch, BREAKING CHANGES bumps major, and so…

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