A Coat Tale

Last winter I was patrolling the Walnut Park Neighborhood in North City around 7am when I noticed several young kids waiting at the bus stop without coats in freezing temperatures.

I never thought before that kids going to school without coats was a problem but when I went to the area middle school the counselor told me over 200 students in that school alone did not have coats.

I spoke with a few other officers and my Serving with the Badge team and we decided to do something about it. After a few phone calls, literally in 2 days we had several organizations and over a 100 community members pledging to donate coats.

A few short weeks later on a cold school morning we surprised the students at two schools in North City with over 500 coats. There were also plenty for their brothers and sisters who didn’t attend the school.

Despite many community differences that could have blocked cooperation,local police officers, companies, media and an overwhelming amount of community members came together to meet this specific need. It may have started with an officers observation but ended with the community working together.

This is what community policing is, and on December 16th we will be donating over 1,000 coats to students in the St. Louis area. Once again it will involve members from all parts of the community because we are St.Louisans and that’s what we do, look out for each other.

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