Our leaders are not our problem, we are

As young persons, we keep complaining that our country and states are recycling the old set of leaders when most of us have enabled this process. Most Governors and Parliamentarians are yet to deliver dividends of Democracy to their states or constituencies yet some persons are already campaigning and clamouring for them to continue in 2019. How stupid can we be?

We’ve traded our place of leadership for positions and peanuts, Choosing rather to be Personal Assistants to the Personal Assistants …
Leaders of tomorrow? How can we not see that today is that tomorrow?

Dear Nigeria, we have failed you. We bury our heads in our hands in shame. We didn’t do enough. No, we haven’t done enough. We’ve failed to hold ‘them’ accountable. We’ve failed to stand up and be counted. We’ve failed to make our voices count. We are remorseful. We grief today because tomorrow, we’ll fight.
We’ll fight from our hearts. We’ll fight for our rights. Never again will we be so lowly treated.

Yes, Nigeria we hail thee. Because we’ll no longer be blinded by tribe, religion or any sentiment. We’ll not be distracted by persons. Because we are not Southern Nigerians or Northern Nigerians or Western or Eastern Nigerians. We are Nigerians and this is our home.