Hi Christian.

Thanks for the question.

About two-finger-scrolling: I would say it is not as on-point as the MacBook trackpads; The cursor in general has a tiny delay when moved around and when doing two-finger-scrolling. It is not a whole lot and you get used to it and don’t notice it anymore after some usage. But when you come from an MacBook, especially in the beginning, you will notice the difference I think.

Maybe the tiny delay is also fixable with a software tweak (driver config settings?), but I haven’t looked into that, because it is no issue to me.

To your other points:

  • Yes it does support tap-to-click (can be changed in settings, is enabled by default I think)
  • No it does not support three-finger-drag-and-drop (although this is a software feature and would definitely be possible when someone implements it. If you plan to use PureOS you could maybe get in touch with them (Purism) to see if they could do it)
  • Yes it supports two-finger-right-click (For me it only worked with a two-finger-tap not a two-finger-click, but I think this is also just a software quirk)

I can’t tell anything specific about the battery right now… I’ll keep an eye on that and give you an update in a few days.

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