The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

“ My date looks like a cross between John Malkovich and Britney Spears when she was struggling.”

Great start attacking somebody for their looks, body negativity goes all ways.

“ But first, for no discernible reason, we have to build an entire fucking bar from scratch. Now I’m sweating.”

Really? You don’t get the reason, why they build the bar together? Maybe you never achieved anything working in a team with others, I don’t know you, so I can’t say. But to me it was a not very hard to grasp concept. Build something with somebody, because working with somebody always creates a bond.

“ For example, in the Heineken ad, one of the “blind date” subjects doesn’t believe in climate change, while the person he’s paired with does. Can I pause here for a second and be honest?”

It’s the second time you use the term “blind date”, where exactly you get the idea from these people were on a “date”? From the spot it becomes very clear that at least one person is in a relationship, without any attention to cheat on his partner. I don’t know why you use the wrong terms, maybe its an oversight, maybe you haven’t watched the spot closely, maybe it’s intentional, hard to say, but you analysis is weakened when the terms you use to analyse the spot are inadequate.

“ I don’t give a shit about climate change. I’m too busy trying to find affordable housing and childcare. But that doesn’t mean I go around trying to pretend it’s not happening. I don’t have to be among the 97% of scientists who agree climate change is real and man-made. I know climate change is real because I gave birth in November and my child has only seen snow twice, even though we live in New England and she sleeps in the freezer.”

This attitude is why you are no different from the people who deny climate change, to not care about climate change and to deny climate change means the same, to do nothing against climate change. Climate changes deniers and climate change ignorants are two tastes of the same brand.

“ I’m also annoyed that Heineken decided racism was off limits, but transphobia was fair game. They apparently knew it would be taboo to have one of their subjects admit, “I don’t like Mexicans that much,” but thought it was fine to have a cis man stare at a camera and reveal that he’s grossed out by trans folks. By doing so, Heineken managed to aid in normalizing bigoted and violent views.”

You were the one who wrote the person looked “like a cross between John Malkovich and Britney Spears when she was struggling” which can easily be interpreted as a transphobic insult, because your criticism of the looks of a person is that they follow your ideal of a binary gender.

“ Not to mention his pseudo-acceptance at the end of the ad was for a thin, white, “passing” trans woman with military experience.”

You seem to have missed the point of acceptance the spot makes, it’s not when he respects her for her military experience, its when he says when they text, he has to tell his girlfriend, he is texting a girl. It’s a commercial, everything in this spot is 100% staged, but this doesn’t mean, you can ignore parts of the commercial in you analysis. You can’t say a novel has a terrible ending, while you pretend the ending by ignoring the last three chapters of the book.

“ At one point he says earnestly, “Women need to remember” that their purpose on Earth is to “have [his] children.””

You make a point by delibarately changing the quote you use? You brought up fourth graders in your text as an example for people with little knowledge of the world. I guess even fourth graders know that you can’t change a quote by inserting words into it.

This got a rather long reply, but thank you, by looking closer at what you wrote, I learned a lot about the way you think.

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