How We Can Learn in the Future: Good Teaching

One of the questions I stumbled upon during the recent days is what makes a good teacher. Although there are good reasons not to define a recipe for a good teacher I feel like this is an important topic.

From my own experiences as a participant and from the teachers I had I think the following points are important. So I made a list of 6 things that make a good teacher.

1. Make An Impact

Maybe this is what people call charismatic teaching. You need to believe in what you do. Being enthusiastic. Make a first step and engage participants. Doing a method for the first time? Great! We need more teachers who experiment and try out new approaches.

2. Continuous Improvement

The achievement of learning goals can be measured. The success of a session design can be measured. Not much in a mathematical way, but in a way that the teacher can learn and reflect on his/her own behaviour. For me a great teacher never stops to learn from participants.

3. Switching Roles

While being responsible for participants or pupils a teacher might come to the point to decide what to do next: Presentation? Group work? Activity? Discussions? All these result in totally different group dynamics and learning approaches. And the teacher needs to change his/her behaviour accordingly (lecturing, coaching, instructing, facilitating, etc.).

4. Teaching Itself

Of course, good communication and facilitation skills are crucial. This is the foundation of a good learning environment if the praticipants feel good and supported.

5. Crafting The Space

A good learning environment is a lot about the teacher but also about the room itself. Tables, chairs, boards and materials can support the mental learning process (or hold it back). I think a good teacher takes care of this.

6. Wow this is a lot!

Yes it is. That’s why my last point on this list is having a plan. You can only improvise if you already have an idea what to do. And what to prepare. I think it all starts with this.

I admit, a good teacher cannot be made from a list. Lots of personal development and years of practice make a good teacher. But still, I think the aspects from this list are a good start. And I believe everybody can be a teacher.

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