Lil Dicky’s Brain releases his first album today!

If you’re a part of Dave Burd’s, Lil Dicky, dickhead nation, you most likely already know that he released his second album today under his Mickey Mouse type mascot character, Brain. Since Brain is becoming his own entity as an artist, we’ll call this ‘album 1.5', under Lil Dicky Presents.

The 7 track album is 100% about Brain’s thoughts and arguments between him and Lil Dicky. It has even named Brain as the artist, which means, we may be waiting for Lil Dicky’s ‘album 2' a little longer than we’d like as he mentions it’s still coming, it’s just taking a while.

Lil Dicky replies to fan over Twitter.

Because his second album is taking so long, he says the album is free to the public and that he doesn’t want your money. As of right now the album is only available in Spotify and Apple Music, the two rival music subscription services, which costs listeners money just to listen on the platform for mobile, but the desktop versions are free to listen on. No word on any SoundCloud release yet for free mobile listening.

What should we expect from this? Possibly some new music videos around Brain that will most likely be published under Brain’s own fan and social pages. Don’t expect a tour for this album, just a lot of merch. Take this as half time for Byrd’s long awaited second album, as he’s still working very hard on it.

The new debut EP is as hilarious and hard as you’d expect from Lil Dicky’s Brain. See what I did there? Lil Dicky is featured in every song in the album and The Game is featured in the last song, ‘How Can U Sleep’, which is now being known online as the most lit as fuck, hardest song of 2017.

What can I say about this album? If your a fan of the white Jewish rapper, Lil Dicky, you’ll appreciate the very long wait for new Lil Dicky music content. For those that are new to him, I would first listen to his 2015 album, Professional Rapper, to understand the back story of Dicky and Brain.

Only way to experience it is to listen to it now on Spotify or Apple Music. And remember, Lil Dicky is only featured, his hilarious mascot, Brain, is listed as the artist.

Listen to Professional Rapper on Spotify or Apple Music. Or both, whatever.

Written by,

Christian S. Kramer