Yes, unfortunately for hipsters, they would have to meander on the NQR across the east river to McNally’s to publish their latest rendition of the ‘spy novel’ their parents were financing. Intrigued by the novelty of broke hipsters printing their books a la carte, I entered the store
15 Books That Healed My Anxiety — From Someone Who Hated Reading
Benjamin Foley

Thank you for the reading list. It’s much appreciated. My only comment or critique is this hipster bashing portion of your essay. It disassociates you from your readers, people whom I presume have some interest in reading or enlightenment, and takes away the focus from your gratitude inducing stance. I suggest you remove it. The sarcastic/ sardonic approach runs thin very quick. Just my opinion. Your piece would be much less self-involved and more embracing. Nonetheless, it was written very well.

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