Let’s automate jobs

Let’s face it. AI is coming. So is UBI. McDonalds could be 100% automated. So let’s have a diverse group of engineering students and college dropouts think about how to automate away boring jobs.

They say a good startup team has three key team members. An engineer (ISTJ , ESFJ). A hustler (ENFP , INTJ). A designer (ISFJ , ESTP).

So a server/bartender at a restaurant could team up with a process robotics engineer and a UX Designer.

They’d find a process that should be easy to automate. Cost it out:

  • Hardware/software engineering to build and program automation tool.
  • Interfacing with user (voice, gesture, smartphone. App interface.
  • Cost of prototyping. Revenue sharing.

How does the student win. By winning in real life cuz they just built their first company yo.

After all. Wouldn’t a bi-partisan deal to offer grant money to help fund trial implementation of student lead collaborative efforts to reach everyone the skills to start their own tech company be something everyone in the would could agree on?

And wouldn’t having more free time and being able to work remotely something nobody would not want?

God I love the Innovation economy and impact investing. How trending!