Andela Bootcamp Experience

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Bootcamp is one of the best and challenging experiences that I have never experienced before! I used to believe that when I am working on an issue or trying to come up with some new approaches, the best way was to concentrate on it myself and come up with a solution. Now I know that was wrong! The best way is through collaboration.

The first day in boot camp we were assigned to a group which we named “code titans” with an LFA(learning Facilitator).

Firstly, let me talk about my LFA. His name is Roger Okello. To me is the right person to be my LFA. He is available to review my work, give me feedback to improve the quality of work also he always give hint and resources to solve problems. The other interesting point about him is to encourage people and always advice to collaborate with teammates.
Let me talk a little about some of my teammates.

Calvin Pete: is so humble and ready to help whenever he can, yet he does not have any coding background, he always likes to write code and he cares a lot about the quality of the work. He shares links, tutorials and other resources whenever someone asks for help. Is now one of my friends now yet we meet at Andela.

Lilian: is simple in everything. She supported me whenever I seek help yet we meet just once. From what I know about her, she is a little stubborn, likes technologies and creating software, love to learn every day. She has no limit cause she believes that the sky is the limit to things she wants.

Martin: is so simple too. He is ready whenever anyone seeks for help, so commit to his work and help others to solve problems.

Our best way to communicate is through slack in our channel with all other teammates. It has many features like instant messaging, file searching, screen sharing, voice calls and others features which allows to communicate and share resources.

Thanks for reading!