We all need people who will give us feedback, and that’s how we improve. I believe that two heads are better than one, that’s why I am a strong believer in team work, team work leads to growth, and ultimately success. The morning at 8:30 AM when I got to Andela I was very excited, I mean, I love to code, and here I am at an environment where when you look at everybody around you, he/she is skilled at a certain language, you walk around and there are people in rooms with laptops, scripting, debugging, and executing code. I felt at home.

The welcome we received was truly heart warming, the introductions was amazing, meeting new people and hearing their areas of expertise. We went to the field to have fun and looking at how happy and fun the Andela community is will have you work 10x harder to get in, everyone wants to feel like that, accepted, respected, and open to everyone. The morning fun and games we had was amazing, getting us ready and confident to now go into the room with no fear, we then proceeded to the room where the facilitation was awesome, personally, I learned stuff I’ve always wanted to know about GitHub, it was a lovely experience, and each and everyone of us learned a thing or two, in the evening, everyone had some new knowledge about something they didn’t know.

Andela is a place I would love to sharpen my skills and do activities that will better the society in general through technology. This is the perfect place to make an impact to the world and rise our continent to the standards far and greater that it is perceived. I pray my hard work and passion for code will give me a chance at Andela.

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