Doctor Sugar

Director, Angie Higgins, with Julie Masterson and Brooke Silva.

I spent most of yesterday feeling a bit sad and disappointed over the cancellation of a show I recently started rehearsing, “Suddenly, Last Summer” by Tennessee Williams. It had not even been two full weeks, but the recent flooding of Northside Theatre put the decision out of our hands.

Still, it’s hard not to think about what could have been, and if such an awesome opportunity will come around again, especially with the directing, acting, and creative talent involved. I’m positive it would have been beautiful art.

There’s a chance the show may be scheduled again in the theatre’s coming year, after the building is cleaned and reopened. But what are the odds of the same winning combination? Lightning doesn’t often strike twice (or has it ever? I don’t know, I’m no lightning-ologist.)

I’m still sad. I’m still disappointed. Goodbye (for now), Doctor Sugar.

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