Be Careful Because Everything Is Training

By Chris Palmer, M.A.


We’re CONSTANTLY training.

It may not seem like it, but we are.

Right now as you’re reading this, you are training. Not the “going-to-the-gym” kind of working out. But similar.

You’re training your mind, your ability to read, your ability to analyze and summarize. Even the way you’re sitting is a kind of training.

And it’s that way with EVERYTHING.

Every moment of every day, we are training SOME things while weakening OTHER things.

We strengthen our patience or impatience.

We strengthen our consideration or disregard.

We strengthen our love or our hate.

The things we DO will become stronger.

And the things we DON’T DO will become weaker.

So all the time we are either strengthening or weakening all kinds of behaviors, these unique parts of who we are.

Whether it’s healthy choices or unhealthy ones; whether it’s things that make our lives or others’ lives better or worse; whether it’s doing things that make us feel fulfilled or empty, ALL of it is in a constant state of change based on how much and how intensely we do them.

And just like physical training, you either get stronger or weaker depending on your effort.

We might not even notice it because the changes are so slow.

But things ABSOLUTELY change.

That’s why I say to consider being careful about how you spend your time.

Because the more time we spend on things that DON’T make our lives better, the more we DECLINE.

And the more time we spend on things that DO make us feel more alive or more inspired, the more we THRIVE.

So enjoy your life, however you choose to live it. You don’t have to do anything different. It’s always your choice.

But if you notice something doesn’t feel quite right, like something doesn’t fit, like something is out of balance, it’s probably because you’ve been training for some things too much and others too little.

And ignoring the things that really make you feel whole.

So fill your schedule with the things that make you feel inspired, the things that make you feel alive, the things that make you proud of your life. And time spent doing those things will make them even stronger.

As for the other things, deprive them of your training when you can. Give the negatives in your life less time and they will weaken.

And you’ll be stronger than you were before because you are one step closer to peace and contentment and balance.

And training made it possible. It never stops.

And it changes everything.

So do YOU…

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