The Most Overlooked Opportunity You Will Ever Have

By Chris Palmer, M.A.


Today — exactly right now — you have an amazing opportunity.

You can love, hate, comfort, brutalize, grow, stagnate, inspire, or demoralize.

You can see positive in the face of negative or get bogged down by the weight of self pity.

You can get excited that today you woke up and your heart is still somehow almost magically and miraculously beating in your chest — through no effort of your own — and these next hours are yours to use whatever way you’d like.

I mean all of that.

I wish I could scream it like the countless marketing messages and commercials we see and hear every day.

Because it’s the most incredible thing about waking up another day.

As much as the alarm rips us away from the comfort of sleep, it’s also the scream of the universe telling us today is one more shot, one more chance.

One more gift.

YOUR gift.

Yes, life can suck sometimes. It has a hideousness and a weight that can make it hard to even breathe.

But if you can get past each one of those things, one by one — and we all get past almost everything eventually — the other side has so much joy and love and decency and goodness and opportunity, and a million other things that can make you feel so incredibly full in your heart and genuinely happy to be alive.

It’s there today.

Right now.

On the other side of the badness.

Just the fact that you’re alive today means that you’ve survived every single bad thing that has ever happened to you.

And today is another shot.

Your shot.

Your chance to feel alive and full and genuinely happy.

Your chance to choose what you want your life to stand for, and how you’ll be remembered.

It’s the truth.

Your truth.

And your heart is still beating.

So what will you choose to do today? The world is waiting to see.

And THAT is beautiful…

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