The Never-Ending Spin Of Darkness And Light

by Chris Palmer, M.A., Founder

I exist in this temporary human form as part of the eternal whole, joyful and appreciative of the gift, yet devastated by its brevity.

I can see so much and so little all at once, bits and pieces of the cosmic whole, strewn together in a mysterious mosaic beyond my understanding, yet endlessly attractive and compelling to every free moment my mind can spare.

Human existence, like all existence, is this finite term, rich in intensity and light, and riddled with darkness.

All seven billion of us spinning at a thousand miles an hour, on a planet that circles a sun that is one of 100 billion just in our galaxy, while 100 billion more galaxies fill what we know of our universe.

It is no wonder we stumble, fall, and struggle while we search for anything that approximates peace. And in all of that awful and yuck, there is love. So much love.

And connection.

And decency.

And the billions of things that each of us are uniquely drawn to, that fill our hearts and sense of purpose.

I will never lose my desire to know, nor my appreciation and gratitude for this mysteriously bittersweet beautiful gift.

To be a human is to endure the overwhelming mystery of incompletely knowing why we are here, while being showered and gifted with the immense beauty of love, connection, and purpose.

It hurts and scars us.

It lifts and heals us.

And in the end we have this immensity. This weathered kind of beautiful fullness.

Few things are more painful than not being able to meet the creator/creative source that made this amazing existence.

Yet there will never be anything more overwhelmingly soul-filling and heart-filling than the connections with those we love.

My head spins, my heart sinks and rises, and my desperate soul fears darkness while being comforted by the light.

So much light…