Bad hombres

Bad hombres is the term that Donald Trump used to refer to latin criminals.

His unfortunate wording seem to apoint every single latin in his country (se the complete speech here this was not as accident, as Trump have showed disregard for many foreigners so far.

His declarations were irresponsible and childish for a POTU, but… how true are those statements?

Who EUA is sending to Mexico

Timothy Paul Hitchcock was a registered sex offender in Florida. He was put in premature parole because of a loophole in the law, and escaped to Mexico a few months after. Assuming a fake persona, he served as a highschool teacher until he raped the son of an american official.

sex ofender


That's the kind of scum that Trump accuses that country to send to USA, and a clear counterexample, but let's look for another one.

What Mexico is sending to USA

Introducing Emmanuel Urquieta, the only foreigner working for de NASA.

He had become the most respected authority in zero gravity medicine, and help day after day to achieve the dream of collective human kind: colonize mars.

A reliable medic for space missions


Why are those counterexamples important? they prove that bad men come from many countries. And the same applies to good valuable men (and women)

Something to consider before supporting Trump´s xenophobic policies.