Why Loneliness?

We are born, live, and die alone, trapped in the beautiful barricades of our own individual sentience.

Maybe I should ask why am I adding another thing to my already full plate?

I guess some of us have an itch that needs many hands to scratch, but in this case there is a single core driving force behind every effort of mine and it’s time to give it a face.

My mission in life is simple: To destroy loneliness in others. The methods however are very complex. But first, why should I be allowed to even approach this?

Well for starters I don’t need permission, secondly, I’ve had a lot of experience with loneliness myself and if I can help one person in anyway, it’s worth it.

Growing up we moved very frequently. Sometimes we were in a new place for as little as 6 months and sometimes it was a few years, but we never stayed long. In hindsight I am very thankful for that experience, but it wasn’t easy. Everyone has their struggles, and while I am eternally grateful that I did not grow up in an abusive home, my loneliness was deafening.

While I have had to find my way through that struggle alone, in fact, I was never alone. I had countless hours of input and help through many great authors and speakers. While I have never met any of them, their work has changed my life for the better, and now, I want to pay it forward. Even if it’s just for you.

We are born, live, and die alone, trapped in the beautiful barricades of our own individual sentience. But it is our connections with one another that make every bit of life meaningful. The cause of loneliness in an individual is as diverse as their own unique experience. I will do my best here to ruminate, discuss, and hopefully breakthrough the various factors with the goal of destroying loneliness.

Whether you are an athiest or religious I think the meaning of life is simple, we are here for each other. Every religious construct places a preeminent value on loving one another and from an evolutionary standpoint it is in our very nature to cooperate and move forward as a species.

I hope that these writings can be a place of connection, discovery, and breakthrough, and I look forward to taking the journey with you.