(Originally published at christianreber.com in July 2014)

What a year so far! While writing this, I had one of those moments realizing how fast time has flown by. I turned 28 last month and today we are finally releasing the product that kept me busy the last 10 months: Wunderlist 3.

It’s a big milestone for us as a company. A new design direction, new apps, new features, and an entirely new real-time sync architecture. As with all big projects, it has been an intense process getting to this point. I am incredibly proud of our team, thanks to everyone…

How to build a tech business from scratch

I was only 19 when I moved to Berlin to study Computer Science and International Management. My big dream was to start a global tech company that would have a lasting impact in Europe. Now, Wunderlist is almost three years old and looking back, things have turned out so much more differently than what I had expected. So far it has been the best time of my life –What a ride!

I am living my dream. With Wunderlist we are building an international product with a huge opportunity to transform the productivity market, both in personal life and business collaboration…

(Originally published at christianreber.com in April 2013)

Today, we are announcing the business model behind Wunderlist, the first version of Wunderlist Pro. For a young business like ours, this is an incredibly important milestone. So much so that today I would love to take this opportunity to reflect on the last 2.5 years. I want to share with you some insights and key learnings, as well as talk a little bit about our future.

Let’s start at the beginning… In November 2010, six people (two designers and four engineers — including me) launched the first version of Wunderlist, a simple…

(Originally published at christianreber.com in September 2012)

This year has been the most exciting in my career as an entrepreneur, but also the most challenging. We launched our new product Wunderkit after actively working on it for roughly a year, and just months after launch we decided to end its development and focus only on Wunderlist. Why? To put it simply — our users. Wunderlist currently has almost three million active users who have favoured it over Wunderkit. That’s the short story, but there’s a lot more to it.

The beginning of 6Wunderkinder

As you will read in our official…

If you run a startup, you often get the question “Why are you doing this?”. What’s your motivation behind taking risks, raising capital, launching products, hiring people and making or losing money? My usual answer is passion, fun and opportunity. But last week a journalist asked me that question again and I’ve tried to give a real in-depth answer to that. I said, I think a startup is like an entrance pass to Disneyland. If you want to enter Disneyland, you need to invest some money and time, but if you cross the borders, you are entering a new world…

Christian Reber

Founder Pitch & Wunderlist

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