(Originally published at christianreber.com in July 2014)

What a year so far! While writing this, I had one of those moments realizing how fast time has flown by. I turned 28 last month and today we are finally releasing the product that kept me busy the last 10 months: Wunderlist 3.

It’s a big milestone for us as a company. A new design direction, new apps, new features, and an entirely new real-time sync architecture. …

How to build a tech business from scratch

I was only 19 when I moved to Berlin to study Computer Science and International Management. My big dream was to start a global tech company that would have a lasting impact in Europe. Now, Wunderlist is almost three years old and looking back, things have turned out so much more differently than what I had expected. So far it has been the best time of my life –What a ride!

I am living my dream. With Wunderlist we are building an international product with a huge opportunity to transform the productivity market, both in personal life and business collaboration. It’s a long road to success, but I’m happy and grateful for where we are today and looking forward for all the things to come. I decided it’s time to share my learnings and encourage all of you to start your own adventures whether it’s in Europe or any other place in the world. …

(Originally published at christianreber.com in April 2013)

Today, we are announcing the business model behind Wunderlist, the first version of Wunderlist Pro. For a young business like ours, this is an incredibly important milestone. So much so that today I would love to take this opportunity to reflect on the last 2.5 years. I want to share with you some insights and key learnings, as well as talk a little bit about our future.

Let’s start at the beginning… In November 2010, six people (two designers and four engineers — including me) launched the first version of Wunderlist, a simple to-do app for Mac and Windows. Just one month later, the same team introduced Wunderlist for iPhone. All apps tied together through our very own cloud sync. …


Christian Reber

Founder Pitch & Wunderlist

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