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  • Karri Saarinen

    Karri Saarinen

    Cofounder, CEO Linear. Past: Principal Designer & co-creator design systems Airbnb. Founding design Coinbase . Cofounded Kippt, Rails Girls. YC Alumn

  • Rafe Needleman

    Rafe Needleman

    Editorial Guy. Skeptic. Nerd Dad.

  • Javier Rincon

    Javier Rincon

    Lean Product & Growth Leader, Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor www.javierrincon.com

  • Paul Huizing

    Paul Huizing

  • Mark Suster

    Mark Suster

    2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to salesforce.com). Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs β€” I’m on Twitter at @msuster

  • Kim-Christopher Granz

    Kim-Christopher Granz

    ✌🏻 Creativity is the answer. 😎 Founder of DESIGNLOVR. πŸ’» Blogging, design and marketing. ⚽️ Soccer coach. πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Triathlet.

  • Kojo Ayisi Akrofi

    Kojo Ayisi Akrofi

  • Ayrin Islam

    Ayrin Islam

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