Bicycling Hyper Locally in Fort Collins

It’s very common for members of the local community to use public transportation. Public transit is such a huge part of mobility in Fort Collins, but many resident, myself included enjoy the freeing nature of biking through the streets. Since biking is a huge staple within the community I would say that it truly stands as an authentic part of this foothills community. With so many places to visit in this hyperlocal area why not enjoy some fresh air while cursing to your jams and running errands around the city.


Beats Headphones (Headphones)
iPhone (Smart Phone)


@MapmyRun -is a great app that tracks your workouts. I used this app to map out a portion of my bike route.
Spotify Pick a playlist and hit the streets!

Locations I Tend to Visit:

Foot Hills
FoCo Co-Op
Alley Cat Coffee House
Road 34
Brave New Bike
City Park
Red Fox Meadows