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As a freelancer, my life has been filled with ups and down. As a person suffering from mental illness, I’ve had even more ups and downs. Financial challenges, interpersonal challenges, client struggles, you name it, I’ve dealth with it. And chances are you have either been doing that for a while or are starting to meet that resistance. I had a conversation this morning with my dad, who is also a self-employed person, and he gave me some great advice:

“The closer you get, the more difficult it’s going to be. The second you’re at the edge of where you…

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It’s a strange and wonderful time we live in where you can screw up for nearly a decade of your life and everything will be relatively fine. Of course, it depends on the level of screwing up, but let’s just say that you went to college for one thing, changed your mind halfway through, graduated, worked a job then decided that job sucked and you didn’t like the industry as much as you thought you did.


You did it. You tried it.

You learned, now you have new information and because of the accessiblity to learning, to distribution tools…

That sounds an indie album title.

Anyway, I personally have been so stressed out this week. I’ve wanted nothing but to lay around and do nothing while in reality I’ve had to hustle consistent to pay rent by the end of the month. This happens, that’s not anything new. We all deal with that kind pressure all the time. Some deadline or another. In this instance though, and I’m sure you’ve had similar, the hard deadline isn’t really a hard deadline. We sell it to ourselves as that but if we can’t meet that demand then we just can’t. …

I was watching 500 Days of Summer last night with my partner and we had a good discussion about it afterwards. The thoughts were two-fold…how far we’ve come…and the idea that fate isn’t about blind hope. Now, that gets into a bit of spiritual territory, which is not entirely the point. But many of us do believe in some sort of fate or luck, so this thought is for you.

By the end of the film, the main character not only realizes some of the ways in which he screwed up what he wanted but also started to realize that…

You can be who you are or you can be someone else. Even when you’re wearing a disguise, accentuating yourself or creating a brand, it is still an extension of you. Lady Gaga couldn’t have pulled off who she is without that being an authentic expression of what she can be. The same goes for Sia or Elton John or anyone else who felt like they had to be a little extra. That’s very okay to push your own limits. No one says that to be authentic you need to stripped down. Let your freak flag fly!


P.S. What’s your main form of expression right now?

Sometimes you can simply get more done by turning your brain off.

We get caught in our neurosis of perfect, good, talent, ability, why, how, when and it makes things messy. Why can’t we just make stuff and not have it be a “thing.”

By thing, I mean an event or moment. Something about creativity feels like it’s supposed to be special every time. And yeah, it certainly can be but it’s as if we’ll be disappoined if the thing we make doesn’t change our lives within seconds. Why is that?

Do you know how many bad things are made…

“Most of your competition is now without defects as well—which means that quality is not so interesting anymore. We demand it, but we don’t have to seek it out. If you have quality and they have quality and that’s all either of you offers, then you’re selling a commodity, and I’ll take cheap, please.”

That’s an excerpt from Seth Godin’s “Poke the Box” which is a manifesto about starting. And there are a multitude of reasons many of us don’t start. One of the strongest being the desire for quality or perfect.

But much like the quote illustrates, what does…

You know that guy, maybe it’s you, the person who is always correcting others. What’s that about? Why do we feel the desire to correct someone? Is it a battle for objective truth or are we sharing our truth?

I think about this all the time. It fits into the basis of how I think quite a bit. I don’t find anything wrong with having a truth but why are we so invested in others identifying with that truth? What are we hiding when we disguise our truth as an objective truth? Perhaps there’s a control desire there. Maybe we’re…

All of you are nerds. Or at least I hope you are. Nerd, in my world, translates to passionate. The antithesis of that is Bully (and Troll), someone envious of the ability to have a passion.

You, the nerd, have something you love so much that you’re willing to sacrifice social desirability to continue doing your thing. Bullies can’t phathom how to give that up. Bullies have a difficulty letting go of their outside influences, give into them and instead of doing what they love, they project their restraints onto others, typically against nerds, the people who have a passion.

Freelancer and Entrepreneur are not exactly the same. Yeah, there are overlaps but they are not the same thing. For some reason, we all aspire to entrepreneurship because we think it sounds fancier or better. Like there’s some sort of social contract that requires the title of entrepreneur to be taken seriously.

This needs to stop. If not for your sake first and foremost, to find clarity in your path.

What are the difference?

A freelancer exchanges their time, skill and energy directly for money. All of their effort goes into the work.

An entrepreneur is someone who is building…

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