Atma Namaste Everyone!

Today’s Quote: “Advancing too fast accelerates the working out of negative karma. Spiritual development must be done at the proper pace.” -MCKS

My first couple years in Arhatic Yoga, starting July 2005, I met some very interesting people…businessmen, doctors, engineers, tech entrepreneurs, stay-at-home-moms, lawyers, artists….and do you know what most amazed me about these high level yogis?

They seemed so NORMAL!

Let me explain…up until this point in my spiritual path, the majority of the people who claimed to be psychics, channels, mediums, meditation teachers and yogis were very strange people (just like me at the time).

Strange clothes…

Strange lifestyle habits…

Strange belief systems…

Strange relationship dynamics…

Strange hygiene…I just didn’t understand where these people were coming from and they were difficult to relate to whether it was a spiritual or non spiritual topic.

Practicing Arhatic Yogis seemed so normal to me…calm, well-dressed, relatable, practical, asked clear questioned and radiated an inner power I couldn’t quite put my finger on…but man oh man, did I want to get me some of those energies!

That is…until I started practicing Arhatic Yoga for myself…one of the most comprehensive and elegant systems of yoga in the world developed by MCKS.

MCKS is very fond of saying and writing, “Follow the simple instructions…if you do not follow the simple instructions, you are on your own.”

As I looked through the Arhatic Yoga manual, which gives us detailed and simple instructions of what do to, what not to do and what to do if something goes wrong. During this time in my development, I decided what instructions I wanted to follow now and which ones I would follow later…ya know, at a more convenient time.

“I really like this meditation…I do this one with more often.”

“Hmm, that other meditation, eh…not my favorite. I do it in a couple months.”

“Hmm…ok MCKS wants me to do this weekly and that monthly, eh…that’s probably not that important. Its probably for other kinds of people, not me.”


Over my 13 years practicing Arhatic Yoga, I have fallen off the Arhatic Yoga wagon many many times because I didn’t follow simple instructions…and the Teacher was right, I was “on my own” and those were very dark times.

A spiritual crisis (aka Dark Night of the Soul) is similar to a mental breakdown but it entails so much more…excessive body heat, constant exhaustion, irritability, severe relationship and financial problems, self-delusion and even having your clairvoyance prematurely activated.

MCKS coined this spiritual crisis, ‘kundalini syndrome’ to describe the inner and outer roadblocks a spiritual disciple is expected to confront and will have to overcome in order to progress on the spiritual path.

By advancing too quickly on the spiritual path…you accelerate the working out of your negative karma…

Think of it this way, if you have a 30 year mortgage but want to pay it off in 5 years, will it require more effort, planning, setbacks, challenges and be overall more difficult than if you paid it off in 30 years? Of course! But in 5 years, you now own your home free and clear.

Or if you want to graduate from college in 1 year instead of 4 years…would your study time be longer? Would the homework come faster and harder? Would the exams/tests come faster? Yes, yes and yes. But by completely college in 1 year instead of 4 years, you are in the job market faster, enabling you to increase your earning potential and grow your professional network faster.

Likewise on the spiritual path. What would your life look like if you crammed 100 lifetimes of lessons such as forgiveness, inner peace, accurate perception, humility, willpower, loving kindness and the like, into 1 lifetime? Do you think your life could become very difficult?

Now I know what you are thinking,

“Why would ANYONE want to do that? What possible reward is big enough to justify suffering so much for so long?”

I don’t know THEE answer but I have an answer…because certain Souls have chosen to be an instrument for God to help move the divine plan forward for everyone. Just as the Bodhisattva refuses to become one with God until the amoeba has evolved to the level of an Archangel. I cannot even fathom that kind of commitment, compassion and selflessness….probably that’s why I am not anywhere near a Bodhisattva.

Gopi Krishna, an activist and yogi from India, suffered from ‘kundalini syndrome’ for over 30 years, with moments of inner peace and inner knowing so profound he wrote many books on the subject but the pain, depression, despair and isolation lasted much longer than the inner peace….

The problem is never with the Teacher or the Teachings…the problem is with the impurities of the students. The more negative thoughts, negative emotions and negative actions you have sown…the more ‘junk’ you are going to have to deal with if you want to take it to the next level. The Teachings are timeless.

Make sense?

Olympians have their reasons for being in the Olympics.

Special Forces have their reasons for being in the Special Forces

Billionaires have their reasons for being Billionaires.

…yogis have their reasons for being yogis…to serve, to heal, and to teach by uplifting humanity through their efforts of goodwill. The real irony, at the higher levels of one’s development and spiritual practice, one has NO choice BUT to serve whether their personality likes it or not.

But if your spiritual development is not done at the proper pace, it makes your life very very difficult and can even destroy your physical body by dying prematurely.

An Arhatic Yogi friend of mine in Miami, who was well known for pushing the limits of his spiritual practice, “Hey, I’m gonna suffer either way, might as well suffer while I’m suffering and just get it out of the way.” Very few people have this kind of fortitude and staying power on their spiritual practice when their life is crumbling to the ground around them (and its not recommended).

Higher level spiritual practices generate a TREMENDOUS amount of spiritual energy and spiritual energy is a catalyst, a fertilizer for all the seeds (good/bad) you have in your energy body….have slight anger issues before spirituality? They can get much bigger. Have slight greed issues before spirituality? They can get much bigger. Have slight lust issues before spirituality? They can get much bigger. Have slight money issues before spirituality? They can get much bigger.

And as those seeds become much bigger and begin to bare fruit, you now get the opportunity to work through your stuff which is smack right in the middle of your face.

But what happens when you make it through to the other side of your negative karma?

You become a better person.

You become more virtuous.

You become a more developed Soul.

You become a better instrument to be used by God and the Great Ones to help others evolve.

You have greater inner stillness…greater inner peace…accurate perception…stronger willpower…heightened intuition…greater humility…compassion….and much more.

And doing your spiritual practice at the ‘proper pace’ requires awareness, trial and error and constant feedback from within and without.

If you are suffering from a WAVE of negative karma materializing in your life:

  1. Stop your spiritual practice temporarily until your life normalizes
  2. 2. Take daily salt and lavender baths to thoroughly cleanse the energy body.
  3. 3. Ask, “What is the lesson?” then give gratitude, “Thank you for helping me to learn the lesson.”
  4. 4. Get Pranic Healing to help you transition from darkness to light.
  5. 5. Monthly tithing of 10% for a lifetime to a spiritual organization of your choice.
  6. 6. Weekly service of 3 hours for a lifetime to help others
  7. 7. With reverence, ask God, the Great Ones and MCKS for “divine help, guidance and protection.”

The inner and outer rewards of an Arhatic Yoga practice are priceless and at times, indescribable, I wish and pray more people will have an experience of. You will realize, all the pain and suffering was worth it…just like the process of bringing a baby into the world…with your spiritual practice you are birthing the light from within you into the world.

Atma Namaste.

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