Today’s Quote: “Accept people as they are. Be patient and tolerant with young Souls.” -MCKS

Have you ever spoon fed a baby peas and carrots and thought to yourself,

“Why doesn’t this baby just feed himself?”

Why not?

Have you been changing the FULL diaper of a baby and thought to yourself,

“Why can’t this baby just use the toilet like the rest of us?”

Why not?

Have you ever been exasperated by traveling with a screaming baby on a plane and thought to yourself, “Why can’t you just tell me what you want instead of crying non-stop?”

Why not?

Because being UNable to feed himself, is the nature of a baby.

Because being UNable to change himself, is the nature of a baby.

Because being UNable to talk clearly, is the nature of a baby.

Not accepting a baby for being a baby would cause us suffering.

We realize eventually a baby will be able to feed himself, use the potty and clearly express his needs, wants and desires, so we have built-in patience and tolerance (for the most part) while the baby is going through its developmental stages.

Just like a baby has certain characteristics which are UNDENIABLE to its nature…a Soul in an adult body has UNDENIABLE negative and positive characteristics connected to its nature.

We suffer in relationships because we don’t accept the way a person shows up. We want him/her to show up in a certain way and only that certain way, for us to accept them.

Just because someone has an old physical body does not mean she is an old Soul.

Likewise, just because someone has a young physical body does not mean the Soul is young. You can have an ancient Soul in young physical body and a young, immature Soul in a very old body.

When you see a friend, family member, co-worker, boss, employee or cashier at a Wholefoods do something which you find inconsiderate, unkind, unconscious, or even ruthless, cruel or malicious…just remember, “…that is the nature of a baby.”

It doesn’t mean the person is in an actual baby, it simply means this person is a baby in development around this situation or lesson.

So you must be accepting, patient and tolerant.

If not, what is your alternative?


Physical confrontation?


Blowing a gasket?

Seeking revenge?

Or worse yet, what about taking all your negative thoughts and feelings and stuffing them DEEP into your energy body rotting you from the inside out?

Again, you don’t scream and physically confront a baby when it pees and poops in its in diaper because that is the nature of a baby.

When the alcoholic passes out on the kitchen floor…that is the person’s nature.

When the cocaine addict steals money from you….that is the person’s nature.

When the perpetrator yells and hits…that is the person’ nature.

When she spreads mean rumors about you at work…that is the person’s nature.

Accepting people does not mean giving up on them, it does mean accepting bad behavior, or the person can never change…it means to see the situation accurately and to express correctly.

I have had interactions in my life of people who have taken advantage of me, lied, cheated, broken promises, betrayed and some even felt they were justified in their actions. But I just step back and do my best to understand why they think, feel and act the way they do and I usually end with, “Hmm. If I thought and experienced life the way he did, I would act the same way. Hmm, wow…lots of compassion for that person.” I see the truer nature of the person…nothing more or less.

I have a person in my life right now who has hated my guts for the past 2 years and refuses to communicate with me even though a 10 minute phone call would have clearer up the misunderstanding. The nature of this person is not communicate and seek to understand.

But when I see the truer nature of a person, I have compassion. I’m able to bless, heal, let go and move forward with my life. Its not easy, its not always fast but its a process that is always worth it in the end.

And guess what?

I’ve had other people do the same process of accepting MY immature nature, tolerating, being patient, blessing, healing, letting go and just moving forward. I’ve probably pissed off, let down and infuriated enough people to fill a small stadium…

“You’re arrogant…”

“You’re too high energy…”

“You’re too sexual…”

“You think you’re always right…”

“You put too much emphasize on spirituality.”

(feel free to add your own)

And with each comment I receive, whether online or face to face,

I take it with a grain of salt and ask, “Is there truth to this statement? Why? Is this person a reputable source for this kind of feedback? How can I use this feedback to be a better person? How can I learn my lesson and move forward? Am I acting like a young Soul is this situation?”


A young Soul lives a life of chaos, controlled by many mental, emotional and physical vices…there is little to no, receptivity to external or internal feedback or guidance. This Soul will waste its incarnation dominated by its lower emotions of greed, sex and power will little regard for God, Higher Ones and service to sentient beings, visible and invisible.

An old Soul is one who demonstrates a high degree of Self and Soul mastery who is in control of one’s thoughts, emotions and physical body. The old Soul has mastered some (or all of the virtues) to a high degree which shows up as service through healing, meditating, teaching, tithing and contributing to the benefit to a large portion of humanity. This Soul will spend its incarnation giving, giving and giving.

The standard you judge a young Soul by is not the same standard you judge an old Soul by just as the standards of mental capacities of a child born with down syndrome is not the same as a genius who graduated from Harvard at 16 who not be the same.

Accept people as they are.

See people as they are.

Understand people as they are.

Love people as they are.

Give people space to grow AND encourage them TO grow-up.

Eventually they will be able to feed themselves and change their own diapers.

Atma Namaste.

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