Today’s Quote: “In anything concerning energy, you must consider conductivity and resistance. If the mind is closed, energy cannot go in. To have inner understanding, you must have inner conductivity. ‘Faith’, ‘devotion’, ‘surrender’ or ‘being conductive’, all mean the same thing.” -MCKS

Thinking to myself, “Hmm…what about this quote? Ehh…nah, too estoeric.”

Picking up another book by MCKS, “I kind of like this one…wait, this might exclude some readers.”

Grab yet another book, “A GOOD ONE!…wait, I’m not even qualified to talk about this whole chapter…hmm.”

Flipping through a few pages, “The readers are going to think I’ve lost my etheric mind on this one. Probably not.”

A few more pages into it, “Ok, ok…this is a good quote that’s relateable and I have couple good stories for….ok this one.”

One of the Master Pranic Healers was sharing his feelings about MCKS when he first met him. This Master noticed senior disciples touching MCKS’ feet, doing many Arhatic Salutations and calling him ‘Master’ instead of using his given name.

“Why would I do these things? I’m a highly trained and respected doctor…he’s just a man like me. Only when I got to spend private time with Master Choa, did I begin to realize he was not an ordinary man but a very advanced spiritual teacher…from that time forward, calling him ‘Master’ not only seemed to be the right thing to do but the obvious thing to do.”

I heard this story at the MCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram in Bovina, NY…about 45 mins from Woodstock, NY.

As he was sharing this story, I was looking at a 25ft mural of MCKS attached to the wall in the lecture hall and thinking,

“How did you do it Master Choa? How did you accomplish so much in so little time? How did you earn the respect, admiration and loyalty of doctors, engineers, scientists, heads of states, and successful businessmen? And these people who followed your Teachings have become better people…more loving, move intelligent, more powerful in such a short period of time…and even after have impacted millions around the world, you ask for nothing in return. What am I missing?”

By dropping resistance and increasing conductivity.

By MCKS dropping his resistance to his spiritual teacher, he was able to accomplish great things. By his senior disciples (and many others) dropping their resistance to MCKS, they were able to accomplish great things.

What comes to mind when you hear the words; negative pride, know-it-all, stubborn, full cup, doubting Thomas, and oh-yea-prove-it…?

Sounds like a person who has A LOT of resistance and a hard time receiving the best things in life. When one’s mind is closed, energy cannot go in. This person will stay stuck in a rut including health, wealth, relationships and spiritual development.

This is a BIG reason why overly-analytical and ‘book-smart’ people have a hard time letting go…letting go of their preconceived ideas, calcified ideas and how they think things ‘should’ be. New ideas are treated with cynicism and disregarded before ever being tested and validated. People who have ‘street-smarts’ tend to be more open because they are dealing with reality rather than theory.

Street-smart people tend to follow simple instructions, experiment and make their own conclusion vs the book-smart people who need to have all the theoretical information first, then rationalize why the theories are wrong and previous results are inaccurate, which make them ‘right’ and keeps them stuck.

My early years in Pranic Healing involved stories which stretched my imagination and strained credibility of the person sharing those stories with me. But I asked questions, experimented, got feedback, asked better questions, did better experiments and got better feedback.

And through that process I made myself a believer, I became more and more conductive to the Teacher and to the Teachings he developed.

Spirituality, meditation and energy healing are not familiar worlds to the Western mind. “If I can’t experience it with my 5 senses, it doesn’t exist.” Again, if the mind is closed, energy cannot go in.

I think this is a big reason why true spirituality cannot be sold by convincing, cajoling or persuading…selling is a function of the basic, sex, throat and Ajna chakras, Its a battle of wits between the buyer and the seller. These energies are denser, grosser, easier to feel yet have a tendency to divide people vs uniting them.

Spirituality, meditation and energy healing require energies of the heart, forehead and crown chakras….extremely subtle energies which literally and metaphorically, go over people’s heads.

Sex energy RAPIDLY stimulates a person’s charisma and arousal.

Solar plexus energy RAPIDLY stimulates a person’s fear of loss or desire for power.

Heart energy GENTLY awakens tenderness, sweetness and kindness in another

Ajna energy SHARPLY awakens the higher will of another

Crown energy GRADUALLY awakens a person’s higher intuition and spiritual connection.

If a person has a lot of inner resistance with negative thoughts, emotions and lifestyle choices, it will be very difficult for her to be conductive to the higher frequencies of love, tenderness, higher intuition and Oneness with God and All.

Its kind of like if you were standing in the middle of a landfill on a hot fourth of July weekend and someone sprayed essential rose oil on the outer periphery of the landfill…are you going to be able to smell that sweet, intoxicating scent?

Nope, but you WILL be able to smell lots and lots of toxic, repulsive scents all around you.

Through regular meditation, energy healing and character building, we can transform our inner landfills into a rose garden.

Over the years, with the blessings of God and MCKS, I have been able to remove more and more of my conscious and unconscious, resistance to Master Choa and his Teachings because I wanted to experience the outer and inner life at the level of the Pranic Healing Masters.

I wanted to answer the question, “What do they know that I don’t know?”

What does a Kriyashakti graduate know that I don’t know?

I have my answer with even more questions.

What does a Level 1–2 Arhatic Practitioner know that I don’t know?

I have my answer with even more questions.

What does an Intro Leader know that I don’t know?

I have my answer with even more questions.

What does a full time, successful Pranic Healer know that I don’t know?

I have my answer with even more questions.

And such is life…learning, growing and becoming a bigger and better instrument of goodwill for the next generation as there have been countless Saints, Holy Masters, Avatars, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas who have healed, guided and helped this Soul for eons.

Whatever you choose to call it; ‘conductivity’, ‘faith’, ‘devotion’, ‘surrender’, ‘letting go’, or ‘being conductive’, I recommend starting sooner than later. Your conductivity to God and the Teacher is THEE factor which determines how much light, love and power you have access to…these higher blessings and healing energies are beyond comprehension, meaning you couldn’t even comprehend if you wanted to, but only when you are at that level…similar to a 5 year old trying to understand calculus.

I am supremely grateful to MCKS, the Pranic Healing Masters and the Senior Instructors for their patience, space to make lots and lots of mistakes and love.

The blessings and healing energies are ALWAYS there but its my job…its OUR job to be conductive to receiving them through regular meditation, energy healing, service, tithing and character building.

Atma Namaste.

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