Today’s Quote: “Intuition is faster than rational intelligence.” -MCKS

We were leading a Twin Hearts Meditation this past Sunday and one of the participants asked about intuition, “What’s the difference between higher intuition and lower intuition?” And the answer given opened up even more questions and an interesting discussion and I thought it would be an interesting topic for today’s newsletter.

Just like we are all connected to God…

Just like a drop of water is similar to the ocean…

Just like we all have kundalini energy moving through our chakras…

And everyone has intuition, its simply a matter of to what degree?

Qualitatively there is no difference between the above statements, yet quantitatively there is a HUGE difference. A saint and savage are both connected to God, are both divine children of God but a saint’s degree/quality of connection to God is much bigger than the savages.

The same is with intuition.

Throughout our lives we get little hints, insights, or clues of what to do and not to do…we hear a little voice, and when we heed the advice of that little voice, we say, “I had a feeling that was the right decision.” and when we do not heed the advice of that little voice, we end up saying, “I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that! Why didn’t I just listen to my gut? Ugh!”

That little voice I’m referring to is your Higher Soul…in psychological they call it the ‘conscience’. And in cartoons this little voice is portrayed as an angel sitting on one shoulder and the devil sitting on the other shoulder, the angel symbolizes the Higher Soul and the Devil symbolizes the lower nature.

Have you ever been in the process of doing something REALLY STUPID and every fiber of your being is screaming, “What are you doing!? Do not do this!” But you do it anyway? What was the result of the doing that action your intuition told you not to do?

Maybe physical injury….relationship heartache….financial ruin…deep grief, sadness or regret? All because we didn’t heed the advice of our Higher Souls.

But there are different types and levels of intuition…

Instinctive Knowing (Navel Chakra)

Knowing through direct perception (Forehead Chakra)

Direct Knowing (Crown Chakra)

The Navel Chakra is our gut instinct, our inner knowing through the body…”This feels good…this feels bad…this feels like a home run…this feels like a huge disaster.” High level martial artists, athletes and successful businessmen and salesmen have strong, highly energized, activated and developed navel chakras. Its phyically reacting to a situation without thinking…like catching a baseball without looking or ‘knowing’ someone is lurking behind a doorway.

The Forehead Chakra is knowing through direct perception as in clairvoyance…the person will ‘see’ certain energies around a person or situation that will determine whether something is the right decision or wrong decision. The Forehead Chakra deals with wisdom and accurately seeing the inner world. MCKS says many clairvoyants are not reliable (because they are not using the right chakras properly) and the best in the world, those lead by the Higher Beings, are 70% to 90% accurate, but it also depends on the choice of the individual.

The Crown Chakra is direct knowing…meaning one does not have to study to know the correct answer and one does not need to see the ‘inner world’ through direct perception…it is simply direct knowing.

There are SO many factors that determine the accuracy of a clairvoyant reading….

  1. The spiritual energy and the spiritual cord of the clairvoyant.
  2. 2. The degree of cleanliness or dirtiness of the aura of the clairvoyant
  3. 3. Guidance from the Higher Beings
  4. 4. Scan for the presence of pranksters or small negative beings who misguide
  5. 5. Scan for thought-forms of preconceived ideas
  6. 6. Scan for the skill level of the clairvoyant reader

(list from “Origins of Modern Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga” by MCKS pg 197)

It requires A LOT to be an accurate clairvoyant with refined intuition…I have been lucky enough to work with and be healed by good clairvoyants and they are uncannily accurate…so accurate that it even stretches my belief. These people are quiet, humble and do their spiritual practices diligently.

I would consider many of these clairvoyants to be walking, talking and breathing MRI machines…they can diagnose much faster and more accurately than many doctors. Again, Pranic Healing is not a replacement of traditional medicine but a complement to it.

To illustrate my point, several months ago, one of these friends said,

“You need to do physical healing to your girlfriend’s sex organs, its rather urgent.”

I delayed on doing the Pranic Healing protocol and two weeks later, my girlfriend was in the hospital with severe cramps on her sex organ. This is a person who has NEVER been to the ER.

After going to the ER at 2:15am, getting X-Rays and having blood tests, the doctor said she couldn’t find the problem (we did healing right before and during the ER visit) but the symptoms had subsided…we later realized, after getting a second opinion, that it was an ovarian cyst.

This is why I am a HUGE proponent of both traditional medicine AND Pranic Healing working together, not one or the other.

How do you develop your higher and lower intuition?

  1. Do meditation on Twin Hearts regularly to ensure you have a clean, strong energy body and big spiritual cord to receive those messages from the Higher Soul.

2. Tell the truth (in a loving-kind way)…how can you expect to see the world accurately if you distort the perception of other people? As you sow, so shall you reap.

3. Experiment, experiment, experiment…when you come to the fork in the road in making a decision, preferably small to start out with, ask for the ‘right’ answer, listen to the answer, go with answer and record your results, positive, negative or neutral.

4. Do lots and lots of energy healing work. I have a mentor who is an excellent clairvoyant but he only ‘sees’ when he’s working on others to help alleviate their suffering. Apparently the Higher Beings don’t give him the ability to ‘see’ willy-nilly. And the more one heals, you will develop the ability to tap into higher intuition…you’ll get a sense of what to ask, you have a ‘flash’ of insight about the solution to the problem.

5. Ask God and the Higher Beings for accurate seeing, hearing and scanning (feeling subtle energies).

6. Practice stillness….in body, emotions and thoughts in order to access Higher Intuition. Intuition is subtle and imperceptible to most people because VERY few people know how to still themselves to hear the ‘whisper of their Higher Soul.’

…there are many other techniques and methodologies to develop Higher Intuition,

I would recommend taking MCKS’ class called Higher Clairvoyance, which first requires taking a few classes in Pranic Healing, if you want to really develop this skill I highly recommend it.

MCKS says some people will not be able to ‘see’ the inner world in this lifetime due to many factors including karma, much more training is required or their profession is not conducive in training the chakras needed to ‘see’ the inner world.

But when you do develop your intuition to a high degree, you will have solutions and answers to problems that have plagued family members, co-workers, businesses, education system, politics or even humanity itself, depending on your purpose and level of development.

Again, no study required BUT just because you receive a high level intuitive message it doesn’t mean all the details are worked out or it doesn’t need to be proven to those who are having to implement this solution.

Just because its your ‘AHA’ doesn’t mean its everyone else’s ‘AHA.’

It took MCKS many years of personal experimentation, trial ‘n error and sacrifice before the benefits of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga where validated and accepted by the masses…even though his Higher Intuition provided the solutions long before we did.

Much success in listening to your Higher Soul for better living for all.

Atma Namaste.

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