Today’s Quote: “Live life intensely, but at the same time be detached.” -MCKS

In the Fall of 2002, I was attempting to earn/borrow/receive/find $5,000 to register for the next level of Transcendental Meditation (TM) called the TM-Sidhis course which was being held in Fairfield, IA at the Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

Since I became a meditator, I had heard about the TM-Sidhis course from people all around the world.

“Its amazing!”

“You will have the deepest experiences of your life!”

“It gives you the secret to levitation…”

“Doing this practice in a group will help generate world peace…”

“I have never felt so much bliss and joy in my life.”

…and many other glowing reviews from new graduates as well as long time practitioners. BTW, ‘Sidhi’ means ‘yogic power’ like telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, levitation, teleportation, etc.

The year before this, I had applied and was turned down…and boy, was I ANGRY…yup…angry that I was not approved for a class on inner peace, oh the irony.

Wonder if my anger was an indicator as to why I wasn’t approved in the first place. After my rejection, I left the University and flew to Berlin, Germany to get my heart broken…a story for another day. (TIP: do not make short term decisions that have long term consequences when you are emotionally upset).

Now this Fall, I was dedicated to reapplying, getting accepting and somehow, someway getting the $5,000 necessary for the TM-Sidhi course.

And that’s when things got intense…

What’s a college student with no money, no contacts, and no job going to do to get $5,000 for a spiritual course? I realized in that moment, you didn’t need money to make money, you needed courage and creativity to make money.

I asked myself the questions, “What do I like?” and “What draws attention?”

First thing that came to mind was, “I like dancing and country line dancing seems to be SUPER popular in the midwest…and what draws a lot of attention are WORLD RECORDS.”

Hmm…after a couple minutes of research I found the world record for the longest country line dancing, 7,604 (approx) people…now what if we did the same thing in Fairfield, IA? It had plenty of open cornfields, people who love country line dancing who would be willing to pay a small admission fee to become part of a world record.

Brilliant idea right! Right? Well its kind of out of brilliant, isn’t it?

I immediately went to a town council meeting where they film each meeting and broadcast it live on Public Access.

There I was, pitching an idea in front of the most politically connected people in town. As I was pitching, I was thinking, “They are totally going to support this!”

That is until the questions came…

“Where are all these people going to park their cars?”

“How many police are you going to need to direct traffic and keep order?”

“You realize in a couple months it’ll be 15 degrees below zero right?”

“What’s your purpose for creating this world record attempt?”

“Where are we going to place the Port-O-Potties?”

I did a fair job at answering the questions, but my passion and excitement were like a virus that couldn’t be stopped and I wanted to ‘infect’ everyone in the room with it…after the councilmen asked their questions, deliberated for a minute….they all agreed that it wouldn’t fly at this time without more details being put together and a deadline much further out.

But there was NO time!

I felt defeated and deflated but I was able to get quoted in the newspaper and got a little more traction among Fairfield’s elite…

Shortly after my circus show, I ran into two students who applied to the TM-Sidhis course who also had a burning desire to find the money and they also were flat busted. They heard about my talk to raise the funds by setting a world record…even though they thought I was a nutjob, they were inspired and wanted to team up brains and brawn to see if we could help each other get the $5,000.

So we brainstormed and acted…running all over town asking the business community (who were TM-Sidhi graduates themselves) if they would sponsor us…and we got rejection, after rejection, after rejection.

But each rejection gave us a new contact or a different angle which kept us inspired and hopeful…

We did little odds jobs and campaigns which created a $100 here and there but nowhere near the combined $15,000 we had to come up with….and we were running out of time.

Then I got a phone call out of the blue…its was the Mayor of Fairfield!

He wanted me to come to his office and talk to him about my project of attempting to get the city to approve the Country Line Dancing World Record…he was in the room during my original pitch with the councilmen.

He said, “I saw your presentation about this world record attempt you were trying to set…takes a lot of guts to do that. And is it true, you are trying to raise the money to take the Sidhis course?”

I said, “Yes, I’ve been wanting to take this course for years…”

He said, “I took my TM Sidhis course in the early 90's and it changed my life. You seem like a guy who would be diligent in your practice. Tell ya what, how much more money do you need to make it happen?”

I said, “I need another $4200 to make it happen.”

He said, “Ok, I’ll loan you the money and you pay me back when you can…”

And he went into his desk to pull out his checkbook, wrote a check for $4200 and I walked out of his office with the final amount for TM-Sidhi course! It was one of the happiest days of my life…and when I met up with my two friends…they had also raised the rest of their money for the course on the last day of the deadline of the course.

You might be wondering, was the course worth all the hype?

Meditations were super long….super still….super deep…super blissful..

But more importantly, on the second portion of the course in Jan of 2003, I met a girl from Vancouver, BC who I started dated and she eventually introduced me to Pranic Healing, which has impacted every area of my personal and professional life since Oct 2003.

In my wildest dreams I could not have ever imagined being introduced to the healing system known as Pranic Healing and the spiritual system known as Arhatic Yoga.

This is one of my favorite stories which embodies today’s quote…I was living life intensely during the time I was trying to raise the $5,000 for the course.

Every moment of every day for 2-months, I was eating, sleeping and drinking in ways to generate the money to pay for the course…no idea was too wacky or job too demeaning.

Yet I wasn’t anxious about a negative outcome.

I wasn’t thinking, “What if I miss another year of taking this class?” Because I spent all my time and energy thinking of solutions not meditating on problems. And that’s a huge lesson to remember. I was detached from the outcome….I simply planted the best seeds I knew how to and let God and the Great Ones grow them.

And look at the harvest?

No price is too high to pay for all the blessings, healings, energies and insights I have received over the past 13 years in Pranic Healing…which I can now share with others.

I encourage each and everyone of you to live life intensely, with focus, passion and drive to accomplish a worthwhile goal…maybe creating a startup and selling it for a billions of dollars, pulling out all the stops to show your significant other how much you love them, establishing a non-profit which helps hundreds of thousands of people around the world receive a better education, or accelerating your spiritual development by taking spiritual classes and retreats…but doing it ALL with a sense of detachment.

You are not fearful, overly self conscious, or excessively self critical but instead repeatedly ask yourself, “What’s the next thing I can do to move me one inch closer, one mile closer, to my target?”

Be a good channel for great energies to flow through you…light your own candle from within by having a purpose, by healing, teaching and serving others.

Engage in life, play with life, laugh with life, allow yourself to be challenged to grow. Your growth is right on the outside of your comfort zone….never within the zone, for you have already grown enough to fill that space.

Keep living and keep growing.

May God and the Great Ones bless you with the strength, passion and drive to live an intense life without being attached to the fruits of your actions.

Atma Namaste.

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