The Culture: A Message to My Peers [and their influences]

Why don’t you brag a little more about the hoes you don’t pull? Anything to boost your confidence, right?

I’m really bad about pirating these fonts.

I know what you’re thinking: “Why in the hell is a 16-year-old boy writing on something like pulling hoes?” That’s the same question most of my friends asked me (followed by some laughter) when I ran this idea by them. But I chose to disregard their opinions. Because I see the damage this subject does, and the personality-altering and self-esteem diminishing effects that it has on our youth.

As I walk through the halls of my high school, I listen. I hear the conversations of my peers, as well as experience the conversation of my own friends. And one thing has become appallingly apparent: they're all a bit too horny. Maybe even a tad bit conformist. And why wouldn't they be? I mean, all jokes aside, people my age have sexuality and pop culture shoved in their face constantly these days. The cultural and technological transformation that’s occurred in this country within the past century is nothing short of amazing, and deplorable. (depending on how you look at it)

In our grandparents day and age, an average chivalrous man wouldn’t dream of hitting a woman out of anger, and no one would just decide to “hook up” with someone they met in some form of medium, just for the fun of it. They would, in fact, be appalled at the idea of it. Something has slipped within our society, a gear of some kind. We’ve lost the idea of common courtesy and basic social etiquette, and how to morally conduct ourselves. And it’s causing my generation especially, and a majority of the millennial generation to be unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. And I believe we’re all guilty of letting it slip, I included. We have this pop culture, which has people promoting screwing anything with a pulse, bragging about the hoes they apparently pull, speaking of crime as if it’s an accomplishment, promoting violence, and encouraging anyone who listens to or sees their way of living that they are the picture of success, and if you want to be successful, then you must conform to their way of living.

“A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.” — Unknown

This not only isolates people but stresses those who want to socially prosper into a point of sadness and despair. And I speak from experience. I think that technological advances and the wide usage of the internet cause trends, ideas, and information to spread at godspeed. And when we perceive this information, we’re overwhelmed with thoughts of how we are going to respond to it and if people are going to like the way in which we respond. It’s madness. We forget all of the things that actually matter and replace it with the stressful and unfulfilling pleasure of self-gratification. And as we try harder and harder to live the lifestyle of the culture, we gradually grow apart from our moral compass, and when the idea of basic morality is removed, we try to replace it with more and more self-gratification, which only pushes us further into our perceived need to conform. And then forces us to become more and more immoral in order to feel as though we are a part of something.

But when we realize that we simply can’t meet this ridiculous standard, we feel as though we are outcasts. People who simply can’t be normal. We listen to the twisted people who have made it to the top with this culture and feel as though we are looked down upon by them by the sheer comparison of their lives to ours’ when the fact of the matter is we should be doing the exact opposite. We then run to a religion, a psychologist, a friend, or, even more immorality in search of our identity. We can’t help but feel lost and hopeless. This is why I firmly believe that pop culture and the constant need to conform is the cause of most clinical depression in teenagers today. They’re so caught up in it, they feel no one will understand their thirst to be accepted by the culture, and they enter a dark place. They’ll do anything to fit in, girls will engage in intercourse with any guy that wants her to, in order to feel that she is worth something to someone, no matter how poorly the guy treats her she can’t help but be under his control. Guys will do anything they’re told, without a moral compass they enter into a state of complete obedience to anyone they see as being fit for the culture.

It truly saddens me, and, royally PISSES me off. What right do these people have to your feelings? Who in the bloody hell gave them the permission to make you feel this way? Unfortunately friend, it was you. You fell into their trap. You decided that giving into what that guy wanted from you was more important than your own self-respect. You decided that getting black out drunk with your buddies was more important than your future. You decided that being immoral in order to fit in with some stupid culture was more important than something that’s priceless: you. You, friend. You’re madly incredible. A gorgeously designed creation of epic proportion, the greatest engineering marvel of all time! Whether you believe in creation or not, you must admit, human beings are amazing. And you’re one of them.

“Despite how Lil Wayne lives, that’s not conducive to being creative, and I would know because he’s my favorite.” — Ben Haggerty (Macklemore), rapper.

That’s why it’s so vital that we drop this culture before it drops us. When we’re at our lowest with our self-esteem, any creativity in us goes dormant, our obsession with being accepted in the hip culture forces our passion, our hard work, and our productivity to come to a screeching halt. Everything we love about ourselves and everything we love about others is overtaken by our obsession with societies’ blatant categorization of us. We want others to see us as the swaggy hip-hop, coolio, pimp, sex machine, penny-stock-stacking lady killer that the culture defines as successful instead of making our own success by our own definitions and concepts.

“Nobody cares about the truth nowadays. Nobody cares about original ideas anymore. Nobody cares about doing things for others anymore. Nobody cares about hard work anymore. And nobody cares about passion anymore” — Unknown

Ultimately, we’re creating a generation of conformists. People who don’t think critically, are too obsessed with their own image to even begin to solve actual problems, and are satisfied with what the world has to offer. They settle. And if there’s one thing I hate it’s the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s complacency, and I've already ranted about that.

So I challenge you, I challenge you to ignore the culture, the stagnant, immoral culture. But if there’s one thing I’d like you to walk away with from my somewhat of a rant, it’s this: Society will never show you what it actually means to be a human being, to see, to feel, to think without the restriction of culture, push limits, to go beyond their definition of success.

“To see the world! Things dangerous, things to come! To see behind the walls. To draw closer, To find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life!” — The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
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